BMW Great Britain announced first details of the forthcoming BMW M5

Saturday 3rd July 2004

BMW Great Britain announced first details of the forthcoming BMW M5. It was the world’s first production sedan to feature a V10 petrol engine. A 7 speed sequential manual gear box (SMG III) was available, and a six-speed manual transmission gear box was available for the USA only. As with some of its predecessors, it was both the quickest and fastest 4-door sedan in the world at the time of its release.

Other unique M5 features include a wider track, unique body panels, 7-speed SMG III sequential manual gearbox, also known as a single-clutch automated manual transmission, a color heads up display [HUD] featuring navigation, control messages, speed, rpm and gear selection information, automated seat side bolsters, heated/ventilated seats and power rear curtain. The larger, flared front guards on either side also featured cooling vents, reminiscent of the 1970s BMW CSL. The wheels were of a standard 19″ diameter with quad exhaust pipes to the rear.

During its five-year run, 20,548 units were built composing of 19,523 saloons and 1,025 wagons. 8,800 were sold in the U.S., all of the sedan variety. Great Britain and Ireland claimed 1,776 examples, followed by BMW’s home market of Germany with 1,647 units, and 1,357 were sold in Japan. Italian enthusiasts claimed 512 units, and 339 examples were sold in Australia.

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