When Is the Best Time to Buy and Sell Cars?

Unfortunately, there is no exact science that determines when to go to a dealership to have the best negotiating position. On the other hand, many factors can help the buyer or the seller to decide the right time.

Getting a good deal when buying a used or a new car depends on many factors. One of them is what time of year you decide to buy or sell it.

What time of year to buy a new or a used car?

Seasonal trends in new car sales have a direct impact on the prices of used cars, depending on which models are more or less in demand.

Follow these tips to help you get better deals on a used car depending on the time of year.

End of Year, Month, or Quarter

Overall, the end of each month seems like a good time. Although salespeople refuse to say it publicly, it is well known that they have monthly sales targets.

At the end of each month, sellers will be more accommodating in making better prices for closing a contract and doing what is called a “pin” on their board, which improves their performance and of course their position in the market.

They will thus be ready to let go of a part of their commission or profit margin to enlarge their sales figures.

At the end of the year, automakers in general offer incentive discounts to ensure speeding up vehicle liquidation.

Before you even open the door, you’ll have a big discount in hand. By adding the end of the month, the change of year, and the possibility of the model changing the following year, you will have several arguments for having a great price or, at least, strong negotiating points.

When to Buy a New Car?

With the increase in the ecological penalty on the weight of cars and the economic crisis which is lowering household income, buying a new car can be very complex.

By 2021, the scales of the penalty and the ecological bonus have radically reduced. When individuals want to buy a new car, they will not only have to look at the purchase price but they will also have to take into account the ecological penalty applied to the vehicle.

Anyway, the numbers indicate that December is the best month of the year for this kind of buying, there are other good times as well.

Discounts are at their least between January and April. But after that, the situation improves during the summer months. Among other things, the release of new cars for sale lowers the prices of current models because car value differs with each new model entering the market.

If you’re not necessarily aiming for the very latest, fall is also a pivotal time in the automotive world.

When a vehicle enters a new generation or receives a restyling, the model of the previous generation undergoes a significant discount in the used market.

However, it becomes more difficult to choose your specifications. It’s what’s in the yard that will get the discount, and the possibilities are more limited.

When to Buy Second-Hand Car?

Throughout the summer, dealerships prepare for the peak in sales in September by freeing up space in the used car inventory so that they can display new models. Again, this period is conducive to good business.

December and January are relatively calm months for the used car trade. With the holiday season and the New Year, buyers are fewer but the supply remains strong. So you will have more choice and less competition.

Avoid buying a second-hand convertible in spring or summer, wait until fall or winter. The demand is much lower.

Conversely, if you want to buy a 4X4 SUV, wait until spring or summer. This type of vehicle is in high demand from late fall due to the poor weather conditions. So, summer or spring is a good time to get a good deal.

People are always looking for a way to save money on major purchases. Much of this thinking revolves around identifying the best time to buy a particular item. Some are even looking for all the promotions and prefer Black Friday to Christmas.

And when it comes to when to buy a car, you get the same answers every time. For most people, it’s either towards the end of the month or when the new models come out. However, this differs from one country to another.

For example, if you want to sell any car in Dubai, then spring and fall are the right seasons. While the best time for buying a car is during Ramadan where most dealerships make great offers.

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