Your Best Guide to Selecting the Right Car Dealership for Your Needs

If you have finally decided that it’s time to replace your well-loved car with a new one, you may already be thinking of where you can purchase your new vehicle. You have a lot of options, and you have probably done whatever research you can think of in terms of the brand, your preferred make and model, and so on. Of course, your budget is another key consideration. But once you have decided on all these, the next step is choosing who to buy your new car from. It’s definitely a major decision, so you have to choose wisely. But if you’re choosing between different car dealerships and finding it a challenge, here’s your best guide to selecting the right car dealership for your needs.

  • Check their reputation

Car dealerships are a dime a dozen, and we’ve all heard horror stories of dealerships that sell vehicles that have hidden issues or sell vehicles with hidden fees or add-ons. Fortunately, buying a car is much safer today because consumers are more knowledgeable and dealerships have also learned to take better care of their customers. But it’s still worth your time to check a dealership’s reputation since there are still some bad apples out there.

A dealership that has been around for a long time will be more trustworthy, but don’t forget to check reviews online so you can be doubly sure. In general, though, when a dealership has been operating for years, as is the case with, this means they get repeat business and people in the area continue to rely on them. And when you assess their reputation, you should also check the BBB or Better Business Bureau site for your own state. With this, you can search for accredited vehicle dealerships and see if your shortlisted dealerships have complaints filed against them.

  • Consider their after-sales service

It is entirely possible to go to a dealership, choose your vehicle, and then never come back. But there are many buyers who often go back to have their vehicle serviced and so on. That being said, you aren’t likely to have just one transaction with your dealership – which brings us to the next point: their after-sales service.

You should consider the dealership’s after-sales service because this can save you a lot of hassle later on. Find out their operating hours and if they can provide any incentives or perks. If you can, ask the dealership salesperson to give you a short tour of the service area or department, and ask them where you should bring your vehicle if it needs to be serviced. You should also check out their waiting area for servicing and find out if they provide any accommodations while your car is under servicing.

  • Set criteria for evaluation

If you want to be doubly sure about your choice, set your criteria for evaluation. But don’t forget the most important ones, including pricing, inventory, perks, and facilities. Pricing is essential if you’re on a set budget, and find out if they are willing to be flexible and are open to negotiation. Does their inventory have the vehicle you want as well? It’s also good to know if there are extra perks or services they can give you, and make sure their location, services, hours, and loaner cars or vehicles are acceptable, too.

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