The Best And Most Creative Pandemic Drive-In Events

With a year of restrictions bringing everyday to life to a grinding halt, motorists have sought increasingly creative ways to enjoy the activities they used to love. Even with vaccinations on the horizon and measures slowly lifting, some of these events have proved so popular that we think they’re here to stay.

Drive-in cinema

Drive-in cinema is a classic. Going to see a film in your car pre-dates the pandemic and was wildly popular through the 1940s-1960s, especially in America. These events underwent a slow decline from the late 1970s onwards, but Covid-19 has triggered a massive revival.

Social bubbles don’t come much more secure than your car. You simply park up and watch the film on a big screen. Whole families can attend in a single-vehicle and, although you’re somewhat cut off from your fellow cinema-goers, these events still retain a community feel.

As an additional benefit, some drive-in cinemas are set in idyllic locations with great surrounding views. The Wavelength Cinema in Cornwall in England is situated on the edge of a cliff with the sea rolling in below!

Drive-in bingo

Drive-in bingo might seem like one of the stranger ideas on the list. Bingo usually evokes images of crowded halls, energetic callers, and the sounds of players shouting out to celebrate a full house.

In reality, bingo lends itself perfectly to the drive-in setting. It’s proved to be one of the most popular Covid safe events, even attracting the odd celebrity caller. Bingo has undergone somewhat of a Renaissance during the pandemic, with sites like collating the ever-growing list of online providers.

The big difference with drive-in bingo is that players honk their horns and flash their lights to celebrate a win. That gives proceedings a vibrant party atmosphere and makes these events brilliantly lively.

Drive-in disco

Nightclubs and disco venues have been amongst the hardest hit during the pandemic. A traditional disco is almost synonymous with close contact, but some creative organizers have turned to cars as a way to keep the party going.

Professional DJs, strobe lightning, and an electric atmosphere are all present and correct at a drive-in disco. The only difference is that people enjoy the show from inside their cars. Attendees can’t dance, but they can sound horns and flash headlights to the beat of the music.

These discos have proved extremely popular, with events held in Germany and even New York.

Drive-in gigs

The pandemic has left many people craving their fix of live music. While traditional venues slowly return to some form of life, drive-in gigs have been shouldering the burden. Popular artists including Dizzee Rascal and Ash have already performed drive-in concerts. These shows have helped to put some money back into the pockets of struggling promoters.


Capacity is obviously the major limiting factor with any drive-in event, but some of these gigs can hold anywhere up to 400 cars. Although concert-goers must remain inside their vehicles at all times, the atmosphere is surprisingly bright, and everybody comes away with a smile on their face.

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