The Benefits of Adding Truck Fenders

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Installing fenders on your truck has a number of benefits. It is more about the benefits of functionality. As you will see in this short post, it is more beneficial to have semi truck fenders installed on your truck than not to have them.
Here are five benefits you will have from fenders:

Save Water And Money When Cleaning Your Truck

This is the main benefit of installing fenders on your truck. Fenders prevent a truck from getting too dirty from mud, snow, soil and dirty water splashes. As the tires spin, their treads are bound to pick material and splash it sideways, forwards, backwards and upwards, but mostly upwards.
A simple search will show you that cleaning a soiled semi truck can use anywhere between 2000 and 20000 gallons of water. Although most truck washes use recycled water, this is still a considerable amount of water.
The dirtier your truck is, the costlier it will be to clean. Besides, without fenders, you will be compelled to clean your truck more often. Install fenders and do some good for Mother Nature by saving this important resource called water.

Fenders Enhance Road Safety For All Users

Every motorist in a small car has many things going on in their mind every time an eighteen-wheeler approaches. One of the things is that anything could bludgeon them from the fast moving huge wheels of the truck.
The bigger the tires, the deeper the treads and the bigger the pebbles they can lodge. As the tires spin, the material lodged in the treads dislodges. It is then propelled at high speed towards other road users. It can also be propelled towards your cab, causing damage.
When a rock has been stuck on the tire, the tire will try to fling it out. Thus, the trajectory of the rock could be from any angle and the speed would be high. Some people say that a rock propelled from the tire would move at half the speed that the truck is moving. This shows you that if such a rock would meet the window of a car, it would crash right through.

Fenders Help Prevent Corrosion

Fenders will prevent splashing of water, snow and mud on the under parts of the rig. Thus, you do not have to worry too much about corrosion. While these parts are painted to make them anticorrosive, daily splashing of mud and snow can make the paint chip away faster, thus exposing some parts to rust. Find wide variety of semi truck fenders, bumpers, seats and steering weels on Iowa 80 chrome shop.

Fenders Help You Personalize Your Truck

A truck without fenders looks so ordinary. It is amazing the kind of transformation your truck can acquire when you add quarter, semi or full tandem . If you would like to give your truck a personalized identity, the best and most customizable part is the fenders.
Whether you want to make them polished chrome or stainless steel to stand out, it is possible. You may also decide to use plastic or fiberglass fenders. Because the fenders only stretch to half the height of the tires, some truckers like to attach a mud flap to the fender, suspended to about an inch above ground. They then write slogans, draw a picture or write a message on the mud flaps.

No Noticeable Weight Addition

Despite their classiness, even the metal fenders do not add much weight to the truck. Today, every trucker’s darling is the plastic fender. It is light in weight, can be painted any color, is easy to maintain and does not cost much to buy. The payload is a big concern for drivers because the idea is to keep as close to the stock weight as possible.

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