A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Cycling Cloths

Are you a cycler, or you want to begin cycling? However, it can be intimidating if you are a beginner in road cycling. Besides buying the bike, you will realize later that there are many other things that you should consider buying. Among the things you are supposed to buy are cycling clothes and their accessories. That’s not all; the cycling clothing begins right from the head down to the toe. Below is a beginner’s guide to cycling clothing and how this clothing boosts cycle riding.

Sweat Handling

You will then realize why any cycling apparel is not made of cotton when you have a ride in a cotton-like t-shirt and under a waterproof jacket. When you have a cotton cloth, you sweat, sweat socks, the shirt, and get wet and later get cold. The cold will prevent you from cycling comfortably. However, cycling clothes are made of fabrics where when one sweats, the sweat moves away from your skin and evaporates. In addition to that, cycling gloves have a patch of toweling fabric at the back for you to wipe your face when it is hot and wipe the nose when cold.

To Be Fit

Cycling gears are cut to fit correctly when you are inclining forward to the handlebars. That only means that jackets and shirts’ clothing is longer at the back, ensuring that the lower back is adequately covered, and also the legwear has a high waist at the back. That’s not all. To ensure that your wrists are not exposed, sleeves are a bit longer for both jackets and long-sleeved shirts. In addition to that, legwear is usually shaped with some bends at the waists and knees to prevent impede pedaling.


Modern shorts have at least one layer of foam inside them, and they are of different densities and thicknesses. The layers help to reduce the road shock that gets between your bums that works in tandem with the padding in your saddle. Another function of the pad is to put a soft layer against your skin to prevent chafing. Padding is also useful in your hands where they are contained in the cycling gloves that help deal with the handlebars’ vibration.


The cycling gear usually moves with you as you move, and this is mostly for the legwear as the leg is the part of the body that moves the most. However, this is why cycling shorts are made from fabric because it has some enough built-in stretch, which does not chafe. This is the same reason for cyclists wearing cycling tights.

Most people do not see the usefulness of having some cycling clothes. However, being a cyclist should be a priority. Some cyclists also tend to think that any cycling apparel is too expensive; the good news is that most companies have black Fridays, especially in November, where they sell everything at a discount. This is the right time for you to shop for suitable clothing to be comfortable while cycling.

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