Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your BMW Functioning Optimally

German cars are generally more expensive and are considered classier than other cars. If you happen to be the proud owner of a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Porsche, or any other German car, my bet is that you really value your car and would do anything to ensure that it is always in excellent condition. The first and most obvious thing is taking your car for regular maintenance and service. If you really value your car, you will want the best services and will therefore go for a reputable and certified mechanic who specializes in servicing the car you own. However, taking care of your beloved car does not end there. There are a few more things you can do yourself to ensure that your car is always in excellent condition and serves you well between mechanic visits. Below are some basic maintenance tips to keep your BMW functioning optimally.

Check your car’s fluids

You need to regularly check the fluid levels in your car to prevent running too low on them and potentially damaging your car or putting yourself and other road users in danger. The fluids you must check every so often include engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and the radiator fluid. If you do not know the exact fluids you should be using in your car, find out from your car’s manual. You do not want to end up refilling using the wrong fluids as this can damage your car.

When refilling, be careful not to go past the maximum level as this can also damage your engine. You should only refill the coolant system after the car has cooled down. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself as the hot liquid may splash and scald you.

Do a tire safety inspection

Some of the things to check for when doing a tire safety inspection include the depth of the treads, and whether the tires have worn out unevenly. This will help you know whether it is time to replace your tires as driving around with worn out tires poses a safety risk for you and other road users, especially when the road is wet. You should also check whether your tires have any cracks and whether there are any foreign objects embedded in them. Something else you must never overlook is your tire pressure. Find out the right tire pressure for your vehicle and try and maintain your tires at that pressure; not higher and not lower.

Other maintenance tips

Keep your BMW clean at all times and park it under a shade whenever you can as UV light can cause great damage to your car. You should also invest in a car shade to cover your windscreen in case you are not able to pack the car in a shaded area. Keep your lenses clean and clear so that your headlights are always bright and clear. Finally, always buy clean gas and drive carefully to prevent any incidents on the road. Even a small scratch can cost you quite a lot to fix. This is a German car, remember?

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