More bang for your buck! The best cars available for £100 per month

So you need a new car. Maybe you’re tired of trawling the classifieds looking for used bargains, endlessly test-driving and remembering to ask the right questions of the dealer.

Or perhaps you’d like to treat yourself – a brand-new car is still an exciting thing to purchase, and they often benefit from the very latest in safety equipment and technology. And looking around all the latest cars for sale can be both fun and informative.

But the prospect of spending hundreds of pounds every month on a finance package still fills you with horror, and we don’t blame you – putting by the equivalent of a small mortgage each payday just to keep the latest SUV on your driveway can be a tough pill to swallow.

So what if that monthly number could be a whole lot smaller – say, around one hundred pounds per month? We’ve rounded up some of the best cars you can buy for that sum. A monthly £100 is far more palatable – after all, that’s the price of a high-end phone contract, or a TV sports package.

The caveat? Deals like this are only available on pretty small cars, and you might need to put down a few grand in the form of a deposit.

MG 3*

Price per month: £100.05 (48 payments)
Deposit: £3,700
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £4,002

The MG 3 isn’t the obvious supermini choice, but it does have rather a lot going for it. Plenty of equipment, good looks, and genuinely engaging handling plus a long warranty and good dealer service mean it’s a surprisingly tempting proposition.

The engine’s a bit weedy and the interior, though spacious, feels cheap. But with a reasonable deposit and best of all, zero interest, it’s well worth looking into.

Dacia Sandero*

Price per month: £100 (48 payments)
Deposit: £2,001
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £4,480

The Dacia Sandero holds onto the headlines as the UK’s cheapest new car in cash terms. Unsurprisingly that rock-bottom starting price means finance payments are similarly low, and despite quite a high APR you’ll still pay a very reasonable price for this supermini.

And super is right. The current-model Sandero is a real hidden gem of a car. It’s comfortable and hugely spacious for its price, while even the base Essential model comes with cruise control, Bluetooth and a holster for you to use your smartphone as an infotainment system.

Suzuki Ignis*

Price per month: £103.68 (48 payments)
Deposit: £4,250
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £5,134

Want a bit of SUV style in your cheap car? Then the Suzuki Ignis has you covered. Its chunky looks and wheel-at-each corner stance give it tons of road presence and its tall silhouette makes it surprisingly practical too.

Every Ignis uses a mild hybrid engine that’ll return exceptional fuel economy, while its lightweight construction makes for eager performance and good handling.

Kia Picanto*

Price per month: £98.20
Deposit: £3,500
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £4,245.36

Kia matches MG with a massive seven-year warranty – so if you’re planning on keeping your car for a long time this is a great option. And keep it you might want to do – the Picanto is one of the finest city cars you can buy, combining a big-car interior with small-car looks and performance.

No, the basic engine isn’t going to set the world alight, and nor is the standard equipment list. But it’s good fun to drive and feels very well-built, making it a very pragmatic choice.

Citroen C1*

Price per month: £107.56
Deposit: £4,624
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £4,335

The C1 is the smallest car Citroen makes, and it’s quite a good one even if it has been around for a while now. The interior is cute and has plenty of room for its front-seat passengers, and while rear passengers and luggage space do suffer that’s the price you pay for truly being one of the smallest cars on the road – there’s no parking space you won’t be able to fit a C1 into.

Pay a little extra and you might even be able to afford the C1 Airscape, which comes with a full-length fabric sunroof for a bit of wind-in-your-hair action.

*Deals correct at the time of writing (October 2021) and are subject to change without notice. The availability of credit is subject to status. Please contact the manufacturer or your local dealer for the latest rates and to apply for credit.

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