Author: Nigel Freestone

  • How to Print the Most Recent Receipt from an EFTPOS Machine

    Sometimes, you may need to reprint a recent receipt from an EFTPOS machine. You don’t want to look confused and unprofessional in front of customers, so it’s best to learn little tricks and tips about your EFTPOS ahead of time. Thankfully, printing a receipt can be done easily and quickly with the following steps: 1. […]

  • The Importance of Car AC Repair in Dubai

    Dubai residents must have a car to navigate around the city. The air conditioning (AC) system in your automobile becomes more of a need than a pleasure given the sweltering heat. Your car’s air conditioning, like any mechanical system, has a chance of failing, leaving you suffering in the heat. In this piece, we will understand the significance of your car Ac repair in Dubai with some advice on how to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable.

  • Exploring the Link Between Chevrolet and the American Culture

    Certain brands are synonymous with American culture. Chevvy is one of those iconic names that conjure up an image of a lifestyle and styling that is as American as they come. When you are looking for a new vehicle and search Chevvy dealer SLC, for example, you will find models in the range that are […]

  • DIY Undersealing vs. Professional Undersealing: Which is Best?

    For most people in the UK, the vehicle they drive is one of the largest purchases they will make in their life, outside of their homes. This means that a certain amount of preventative maintenance should be done to help extend the longevity of your vehicles. What kind of preventative maintenance? Undersealing What is Car […]

  • The Oldest Car Brands

    Cars have come a long way since the first automobile was invented in the late 19th century. Today, there are countless car brands on the market, ranging from high-end luxury vehicles to affordable cars that are built to last. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the oldest car brands in the […]

  • Save money on motorhome insurance

    Discover our six top tips to saving money on your motorhome insurance premiums, from storage options to improving your security.

  • How to Customize Your Motorcycle

    Whether it is a new motorcycle or an old one that requires a makeover, you can always customize it to your preference. Sticking to the original design is a good thing. However, personalizing it gives a character. Customized accessories and parts are a must if you are looking to be unique from other bikers. As […]

  • The Process of Respraying a Car in Singapore

    Respraying a car is a popular way to refresh the appearance of an ageing vehicle, and in Singapore, there are many reputable workshops that offer this service. If you’re considering respraying your car, it’s important to understand the process involved so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you. Step 1: […]

  • To tax or not to tax; a great debate on casino winnings

    Introduction For the typical gambler, making money from gaming has long been a unicorn. You find it fascinating since there is a significant element of chance involved in the notion that you can enter a casino and leave a rich man or woman. Inevitably, the swift, cold reality that the house edge is always present […]

  • 5 Essential Ford Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

    Keeping your truck in perfect condition will lower the overall maintenance cost. Prioritize the small things, and you’ll be less likely to deal with unforeseen circumstances. As the kings of the road, there are a few Ford maintenance tips that work for all models. 1. Tires You don’t need to kick the tires at ennis […]