Are Diecast Cars Worth Collecting?

Diecast cars are scaled-down models created using a diecasting method. Most of them are made from zinc or lead alloys to look like the actual vehicle on a small scale. They’re worth collecting as a hobby to fulfill the enthusiasm of owning the car models you love and also for investment purposes.

There’re several factors to consider when determining the value of the cars, including the type, manufacturing, materials used, features and specifications, rarity and condition, and size. Thus, Carrera slot cars are worth considering from various suppliers. 

The value and worth of diecast cars are influenced by various factors. See below some of them.

Factors to Determine The Value Of Diecast Cars

The creator or manufacturer of a diecast car is critical in determining its value. Cars manufactured earlier in the 1900s are most preferred because of their quality. New-age manufacturers seem to produce replicas that are of low quality. And so, car enthusiasts look for specific brands that are sort after than others, especially those that were manufactured before war.

1. Diecast Car Creator

2. Size of Car

The size of the car can be a big deal when it comes to value. Usually, the bigger the model, the greater the value it has. It may not be the same sentiment for diecast car collectors who only do so to fulfill their enthusiasm. They may not be interested in bigger models because that means having to get more room for storage which may not be on their priority list. 

3. Current Affairs

The current atmosphere in the market may influence the car’s value in that the prices could rise depending on a particular occurrence. In case a celebrity driver retires, unfortunately, gets involved in an accident, or wins a championship, the car temporarily gains popularity in support and celebration for them, making the car price hike.

4. Condition Of The Car

The condition of a diecast car is critical in determining its value. The following characteristics describe the shape of a diecast car:

  • Mint: The car has no signs of wear, missing pieces, or damage. The paint finish is also intact.
  • Mint in Box (MIB): The car is mint and also in its original packaging.
  • Mint on Mint Card (MOMC): The diecast car and its storage container are intact and in their original manufacturer’s packaging.
  • Other: The car is damaged with chipped paint and misaligned or missing parts.

Storing your diecast cars in their boxes in dry and dark places is a sure way of preserving their condition. The better the appearance of the diecast, the higher the value.

5. Rarity of the Car

Diecast cars listed under limited editions are valued higher than readily available ones. The same applies to models, sponsors, or rare drivers; they’re considered of higher worth.

Reasons That Make Diecast Cars Worth Collecting

Collecting diecast cars is classified as a hobby which is an affordable venture, and it’s easy to store. See below the reasons that make the collection worthwhile.

1. Adornment and Passion

Car enthusiasts whose number one interest is collecting diecast cars feel good about displaying them as decoration in their houses. You can use empty spaces on shelf tops or cabinets to place the diecast car pieces and the arrangement highlights the interior design of your house. You may have started collecting diecast cars as a hobby which turns into passion. It becomes an important part of your life and they attach sentimental value.

2. Investment

If you’re a car lover who collect diecast cars to make money, you’ll always look for opportunities to sell them. You bank on the expensive material that makes the cars, like alloys of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium to last longer and have a good appearance for a long time. Their availability and condition influence the price for which they’re sold. Diecast cars that are rare and in mint condition are expensive and can fetch you over five million pounds.

3. Gifts

Diecast cars can be used to gift family and friends who are car enthusiasts or fancy movies like Fast and Furious that feature great cars. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to notice and gift them according to what they like. You can also give your children the diecasts as toys to serve both the purpose of learning about different car models and playing.

4. Entertainment

Moving diecasts around is a fulfilling pass time for car lovers. Children and adults can play with them since they’re safely and firmly packaged to make them last a long time. Playing with the miniature cars also brings back childhood memories. As an enthusiast reminded of and appreciate the kind of toys you had when you were younger. It’s even more fun for you as an adult car lover who recalls and narrates to your children the brands of cars you had in your toy collection.

5. Preserving Memory

Diecast cars preserve the memory of a car model you had, and maybe you sold it or were involved in an accident that had it badly damaged to the point of being written off. Diecast cars also help to keep the memory of a favorite celebrity who passed on.

In Conclusion

Collecting diecast cars is a worthwhile activity both as a hobby and for investment purposes as long as you focus on gathering the cars and note all factors influencing their value. Rare or limited-edition diecast cars are a promising investment because of easy storage and low maintenance. Their prices will rise as demand increases.

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