Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – 8 Best ACNH Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most popular game all over the world. Many of us have been luck enough to be playing in Animal Crossing for a time now, we can crafting materials for ACNH items and catch bugs and fishes to sell ACNH bells. There are more and more people are playing the game every week.Animal Crossing New Horizons is very different to previous game. Do you know how to play it better? Today, we are going over the best 8 tips and tricks in Animal Crossing New Horizons that everyone should know.

1. Look Around The Island For Visitors

Many days your island may receive a random visitor and they aren’t always waiting for you outside your home. Be sure to look around the island for a few new faces like Gulliver passed out on the beach or Wisp floating around the woods at night.

2. Buy Slingshot Recipe To Get Present

Make sure to buy the slingshot recipe from Timmy as soon as you can. As presents tied to balloons will float through your Island fairly often. Be sure to check for a large gusting noise or look around for their shadow, just be sure you don’t pop the balloon while it’s sailing over the water as you might lose your random prize.

3. Catch Rare Bugs

Depending on the month weather and time of day, you’re playing keep an eye out for rare bugs as you complete your other tasks. Not every bug is worth stopping for so get familiar with valuable ones like an emperor butterfly or a tarantula. Fish are harder to judge but be sure to do a bit of fishing in the ocean if it rains, as you might get something very valuable.

4. Buy Daisy Mae’s Turnips On Sunday

Once you’ve helped build nook’s cranny, be sure to take a moment on Sunday to find Daisy Mae and buy some stacks of turnips. Jot down the price you bought them for and be sure to check in with Timmy and Tommy on Monday through Saturday to see how much they are paying for turnips. Use your best judgement to sell back for higher than what you paid but don’t wait too long or they’ll spoil by next Sunday.

5. Check Your Daily Nook Miles

Always checking to see what your list of daily Nook miles plus tasks are. They technically never end but you should at least try to take out the initial list as they all have a bonus multiplier for completing. Often coincide with many of your daily tasks.

6. Storing DIYs

Since we can not storing ACNH DIY recipe, the only options to use with our spares is to sell them on. Instead of having them clutter up your island, there’s another efficient way you can use to store your DIY. Put your DIYs on table right next to you. Then open your island designer tool from the menu click on the request cleanup. This will send all the ACNH items to the table. Unfortunately the table as well to the recycle box where your DIY recipes will be safely stored until you take them out.

7. Predicting The Weather

As 6:15 am, 7:45 am, 11: 45 am, 6: 30 pm and 10: 45 pm. Any TVs you own will show the new forecast. The am forecast will show the weather for the day, and pm forecast will show what to expect tomorrow. Which is incredibly useful for predicting the weather. Due to the fact that predicting weather can be useful if you are looking to set dream island during a certain time or you want to find the rare cila camp in the rain.

8. Villager Hunting

If you looking to get villagers of a certain personality type, the campsite might be a good way to do so, when a camping villager visits the campsite they have a 60 chance of being a personality type that don’t have. This makes hunter for specific villagers a lot easier and definitely aid you in getting a specific one that you have been looking for.

9. Check What Every Vendor Is Selling

This one goes without saying but always check what every vendor is selling Timmy and Tommy rotate their ACNH furniture wallpaper and floors daily. The able sisters also rotate a lot of their clothing options, even Tom nooks terminal will usually sell a new Cafe K.K song each day.

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