Amazing Story of A Man Who Was Forced To Sell His Beloved Cougar In 1974 Only To Reunite With It Four Decades Later

Alice Methew

Amazing Story of A Man Who Was Forced To Sell His Beloved Cougar In 1974 Only To Reunite With It Four Decades Later It is one of the most regular stories – a young naive man purchases his dream car, decides to settle down and someday crisis falls upon and the car has to be sold. The one we are sharing here is a true story of Harry Unruh who was much smitten by Ford’s latest Cougar that was launched recently in 1967.

A deal was finally made when he told the salesman that he was taking up a job with IBM in next two months. He also traded his 1962 Ford Falcon which was in its last stage. Almost six weeks later, he came in with his girlfriend Marlene to pick up the car which was actually an Augusta Green Cougar. It was a simple model with a 289-CC engine that had a four-barrel carburetor. You may not note the parts in the cars you buy or even the vintage you rent a car as the models have evolved to a completely new level these days.

After a while, the couple got married and drove their car to Prince Rupert where Harry was posted as a system engineering who maintained the computers at a local pulp mill. However, in some time, the chrome started developing pits because of the sulfur dioxide and chlorine gas that were being released from the plant. However, in 1969, they came across a Competition Orange 1969 Eliminator that was loaded with the front as well as rear spoilers, a highly aggressive hood, racing stripes, special wheels, and high-performance package. When they drove to Vancouver that summer for a wedding they found out the same car in the showroom. Within next 15 minutes, they exchanged their old Cougar for the new one for a difference of $2, 500. When they drove back, the car had carburetor problems and nobody knew how to fix it. It took 12 months for a specialist to fly in and repair the problems occurring in the accelerator. By 1974, the couple moved to Ladner South and had purchased a house and started their family. The Cougar Elimination wasn’t a very suitable car for the family and it was catching unwanted attention from police due to so many speeding tickets. So, they sold it to a teenager for $2, 300 given by his grandfather.

A month after the purchase, the driver wrecked the car and it had to be written off. The couple was too sad to know that. Harry could never forget his Cougar Eliminator in coming days. IN 1993, he retired from IBM and in 2006 as a consultant from the same firm. One day while browsing through the net, Harry came across a restored white colored 1969 Cougar Eliminator which was completely out of his range and a second one that looked more like his original car. He sent a message and luckily the car was available. To his surprise, it turned out to be his car when he checked about the original dealership and a few other details. He purchased the car back in 2009 which was exactly four decades after he sold it. He felt more like a kid at Christmas and the happiness of the couple knew no bounds. He hired a local shop for ground restoration and the couple has taken up their car to some new shows in last few years.

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