Advantages of Joining a Car Club

In the Philippines, it is a common thing for car owners to join a car club. A car club is an organization of car owners and enthusiasts who share the same love and interests in automotive. Some car clubs are put up for standard cars or cars of the same models, while others are meant for high-end vehicles used for car shows.

But aside from being car owners and enthusiasts, people join these organizations for many different reasons, and listed below are some of the senses.


Through car clubs, people who join the organization can meet new friends and socialize. Another good thing is that speaking with people with the same enthusiasm for automotive can positively improve your communication skills that boost your speaking skills and confidence.

Because of the people’s interest in automotive, they are most likely to share more insights and ideas, which means learning more about more topics with the enthusiasts.

Motoring Advice

Another helpful thing about being in a car club is that any question you have about your vehicle can be answered by an expert in car maintenance—the mechanics. Thus, there is always a high chance that one could encounter mechanically-inclined members to provide answers to your questions regarding branding, maintenance, repair, and repainting.

Learn About Car Modification

Though car modifications aren’t suggested, some improvements allow altering the factory setting of the car’s CPU and tampering with the sensors that run the engine and other essential systems that will enable your vehicle to improve its performance. And in terms of modification, it is also vital that as a car club member, asking for expert opinion may help you in your decision-making process regarding a car modification.

Not only do these people tell you what modifications fit your vehicle, but they can also tell you and, in some cases, help you to accomplish it.

Cheap and Discounted Parts and Repairs

Aside from the earlier mentioned benefits of being in a car organization, one incredible feat you can benefit from is access to cheaper car parts and sometimes getting them for a discounted price—not to mention repairs.

Members of the organization gathered from different locations, which means that there is a big chance to scout for spare car components for a lower price. Shops also are on standby to offer the best discounts for the parts one might need or want. Plus, these members can refer you to reputable shops where the quality of car service comes first and discount deals follow.

Insurance Discounts

Car owners know how important it is for vehicles to undergo regular inspection and maintenance; this ensures that the car is optimal. Car owners also see the importance of availing of car insurance in the Philippines to help provide financial protection if ever a car gets involved in an accident (which nobody wants to happen) or gets damaged.

Aside from forged friendships, exchange of knowledge, good deals of car parts and repairs, it is also an avenue to learn about insurance companies that provide the best and affordable insurance policies based on other car members’ experiences. Car security counts!

There are so many things to learn by simply joining a car club in the Philippines.

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