Transport News: Valuable Information for the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has been growing at a fast pace over the last two decades.  As the backbone of any economy, the industry is serving shipping and commerce systems.  For the transportation of goods and services, various communities are dependent on truck drivers. Comfortable paycheck and added perquisites have made hordes of people join the bandwagon of the trucking profession.

Here is the information you need to be armed with before pursuing trucking as a career.
So, fasten your seatbelts!

  • Trucks Load Most of the Cargo

Trucking has become a viable transportation option for the food industry. It has been witnessed that trucks transport around 80 percent of the total goods in the United States. The rest of the percentage includes boat, plane, rail, and pipeline.
To understand it, suppose you have ten items in your house. You split them into two categories, first with two items and second with the other eight items. If truckers stopped driving, the eight items would never make it to the doorsteps.  Most of the stores would run out of food if it trucking were to be shut down in a country.

  • Revenue in Billions

The United States is mainly dependent on the trucking industry. As per truck news, UPS Freight, FedEx, JB Hunt, YRC Trucking, and Swift Transportation are the top five companies contributing a whopping $64.9 billion revenue.
JB Hunt and Swift are specialized in long haul freight. If you are interested in trucking, choose among these five companies. From good packages to optimal support, you will be benefited from many things.

  • The Soaring Demand for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers play a more pivotal role in the economy that you may have expected. The majority of consumable products are driven across the country. As a result, there are hundreds of truck driver positions opening every year.
The numbers have been continuously rising, and companies have lowered the qualifications to the bare minimum. The trucking profession is going to be rising, and the coming year is going to see a considerable bump in the truckers’ salaries.

  • Trucking is No More A Boy’s Club

Gone are the times when the only male used to be the long haul truck drivers. With the increasing number of retiring truckers and new drivers leaving jobs, the industry decided to recruit women. Since the trucking industry is having a shortage of truck drivers, both men and women are welcomed.  Around 200,000 female long-haul truckers have taken the opportunity.
The Epilogue
In the United States, around 5 million commercial trucks are operating on the roadways.  Communities are so much dependent on trucking that even the thought of shortage of truck driver gives a nightmare. After all, the shortfall will have a massive impact on the economy and might lead to a recession. Considering the above facts, you are ahead of the game. Little groundwork on the way is highly beneficial before taking the plunge into the trucking world.
Author Bio
Andrea Rosales has had a remarkable trucking career in his ten years of work life. After graduating, he pursued his passion for driving and serving the nation. He traveled hundreds of miles in his work career. Today, he writes about industry news to help people stay updated with the trucking-related information.

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