8 Ways You Can Make Your Auto Repair Company More Profitable

Running an automobile repair company is no joke – you have the responsibility to fix people’s vehicles to their original state and ensure that your recklessness doesn’t bring them any harm whatsoever. While doing your job correctly is a point of concern, you should also be concerned about the profitability of your repair business. Given below are eight ways how you can make your auto repair company more profitable without compromising your customer service in any way:

1.     Run packages for routine services

Every car owner needs to conduct routine maintenance for their car on a weekly or even monthly basis. These monthly services include oil changes, servicing, engine checks, tire pressure checks, and car washes. Instead of having clients drop by unannounced and getting one or two of these services at most, run monthly packages for the above-mentioned service to make sure your customers come back to you every month for all of these services.

2.     Train and be conscious of human resource costs

At the end of the day, your customer service and the technical knowledge of your staff are going to determine whether or not a customer returns to you for their next car-related query. Hence, be sure to hire well-trained staff and constantly engage them in learning new repair processes. Maintain comprehensive manuals for popular car makes and models that your staff can refer to such as this Ford F-Series Truck repair manual. While training, you should also be mindful of how quickly human resource costs can pile up be sure to eliminate any inefficient team members you may have.

3.     Engage in rewards and referrals

To ensure that you have a great number of repeat customers, engage in providing rewards and discounts for your returning customers. Since this is an uncommon practice in repair workshops, your customers are likely to benefit from it to a great degree and consider you for future business. Be sure to also run a referral program where the referring customer gets a discount or a free service on every new customer they recommend. These practices would help instill loyalty in your customer and make them feel appreciated.

4.     Hire temporary help

Instead of hiring extra labor for heavy seasons, hire temporary help or part-time mechanical technicians for peak business days. By doing so, you would ensure that you don’t turn away any customers while also making sure that your operations do not slow down and that you can deliver your services as promised. You may also hire temporary help in terms of hired machinery and tools to fill up extra hands during peak season days.

5.     Team up with insurance companies

A good idea to ensure a steady source of income is teaming up or collaborating with insurance companies. By getting insurance companies on board, you would have a steady stream of income in line with the customers of that insurance company that make claims. You could offer attractive incentives, priority service, and other incentives to get onboard with insurance companies. You could also possibly engage in the same practice with rental car companies and car second-hand car dealerships or showrooms.

6.     Offer customizations

Customizations are trending in the automobile industry, and while repair work should be your core offering, you can also offer your customers unique services. These services may include finishing, engraving, and custom paint work. By simply purchasing and installing a few tools, you can tremendously increase your service offering and be home to an entirely new clientele. You may also offer other advanced upgrades such as engine or transmission upgrades, seat changes, interior and exterior modeling, and window tinting amongst others.

7.     Manage your finances responsibly

Managing your finances responsibly is key to every business’s success, and your automobile business should be no different. By setting flat rates and standard charges for your services, you can ensure that your finances will be systemized to a great extent. All estimates that you may make for repair works should be calculated based on actual work done, and you should refrain from simply handing out discounts or free services without actual rhyme or reason. The discounts you do offer should be set in discussion with your entire team, and all members should know when or when not can a discount be offered.

8.     Make your shop women-friendly

Automobile repair shops often tend to be dominated by men, and women often have trouble navigating through these shops comfortably. To gain more business and profitability, make your shop and services women-friendly. Offer separate seating and waiting areas for women along with offering home pick up and drop services. Be sure to communicate all estimates and automobile issues to your female (and male for that matter!) clients in layman terms if they aren’t well-versed in repair works.


Automobile repair businesses are crucial to the smooth running of economies as individuals rely on them to make sure their wheels are on the road at all times without any hiccup. The realm of personal transport stands for convenience and without multiple repair shops, there wouldn’t be any readily available solutions to fix broken cars and people who drive would have to suffer. Hence, while you are serving your community with your business, be sure to also milk your well-deserved profits.

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