8 Warning Signs You Need A Windshield Replacement

Modern cars are no longer a symbol of wealth that only wealthy individuals can boast about owning. Nowadays, almost anyone has their own car. They’ve become an integral extension of many people’s homes, on top of being a well-known means for going to point A to point B.

Being a car owner, it’s a must to keep your car in great working condition so that you can reap all of its benefits. You’ll eventually have to modify or replace a few of its parts to keep it functional and usable. One of these imperative parts is the one that people see first, which is the car’s windshield.

Significance Of Windshields

As mentioned above, when people look at a car, one of the first things they note is the windshield. Besides that, the windscreen is just as critical for visual navigation as the car’s engine is for taking you elsewhere when driving on the track. To put it simply, a broken windshield might make driving a hassle and endanger your life.

There are many possible reasons for a damaged windshield, including incorrect installation, storm debris, low-quality glass, car accidents, and many more. If you don’t want to experience such damages, better yet, take care of your windshield and provide them with high-quality materials.

But, then, there’ll always be times when you can’t control things to happen. For instance, if you live in Portland, there might be strong winds or a storm going on. If high-speed debris hits your car’s windshield, this might cause visible cracks or chips on it.

If this happens, you must look for a trustworthy windshield repair and replacement service provider, like https://discountautoglasspdx.com/, in your area. These companies could offer you services at an affordable price, and attend to your glass problems in the most professional and efficient way possible.

How To Protect Your Car’s Windshield

To avoid experiencing the abovementioned factors that might cause damages to your windshield, there are a few safety precautions that must be best followed.

Here are few steps to follow to avoid harming your windshield:

  • Avoid parking in places susceptible to harming your vehicle, such as beneath a building under construction or weak branches of trees. Even if the weather is good and the sun is shining, look for something that might cause damage to your car. While you’re gone, a heavy downpour may occur, fracturing your car glass. As a result, taking this step is an additional safety measure.
  • Refill the windshield washer fluid regularly.
  • If your windshield wipers develop cracks and begin making squeaky noises when used, it might be best to install new ones. Wiper blades play a significant role in keeping the windshield clean. If they’re getting old and you can see fractures and cracks in the material, they may scratch the glass when used.
  • Wash its glass thoroughly with a windshield cleaner rather than a household glass cleaner. If the glass is left dirty, the wiper blades can become stained, making it more susceptible to tears and scratches on the surface.
  • Although unnecessary, you may invest in rain repellants. Using a windshield rain repellent keeps the rain off your windshield, without having to use your wipers at full tilt. This might be recommended if you want to avoid having to change your windshield.

Indications Of A Windshield That Needs Replacement

Now that you’ve learned how to practice caution to keep your car’s windshield unharmed, you still have to comprehend when to consider replacing them.

So, how do you know that your car needs a new windshield?  Here are indications your vehicle needs the said replacement.

1. The Windshield Is Limiting Your View

As a driver, you’re accountable for your actions while on the road. When it comes to a windshield, the ability to make quick decisions is critical. For instance, as much as possible, avoid mistaking a blind spot for a crack. This is highly dangerous and must be resolved right away. If you hold off your windshield’s replacement, your poor ability to see in storms and blizzards will be affected even more.

2. Cracks And Scratches Are Visible

When you’re driving, it’s crucial for you to have a clear view through your windshield. If there’s a crack or gap in your windshield that’s obstructing your vision, you’re not just endangering yourself, but you’re also endangering other drivers on the route. You must take your car to a nearby glass repair company if you find that your windshield has more than a few scratches or chips, or, worse several cracks.

3. The Glass Obtained Internal Damage

Perhaps, you’re curious what internal glass damage is. Internal glass damage refers to damage that occurs inside the car. If you put your fingertips near the windshield on the inside of your vehicle, and find rough cracks and edges, it might be time to consider replacing it. Similar to external cracks and chips, you can treat all cases, internal and external, in the same manner.

4. Affected By The Winter Season

Glass is thought to be highly temperature-sensitive. Even though you’re not capable of seeing it, glass is believed to contract in cold conditions, and expand in the sun or other warm conditions. This means that extreme temperatures and significant temperature changes can be damaging to your windshield.

Unfortunately, the weather is uncontrollable. Cracks may appear common in winter due to several contributing factors, like improper installation, undetected damage, lack of maintenance, and clearing mistakes. However, this doesn’t mean your windshield is doomed to winter-related damage.

You can still do the following:

  • Replace the windshield wipers. Ensure they’re in the best shape by regularly tidying up the rubber.
  • Check the glass for any damage on a regular basis. This may help you find any problem and resolve it before it worsens.
  • Clear the ice off the windshield with cold water. Not using hot water ensures no unnecessary stress on the glass. After then, use a non-metal ice scraper to get the task done.

5. The Windshield Has Missing Parts

If a portion of your car’s windshield is missing, make no mistake about it. Replace it. Pests such as spiders, roaches, and flies might quickly enter if an essential part of your car’s windshield is missing.

If this matter isn’t remedied right away, sooner or later, you could experience more windshield component failure, putting your life in jeopardy. If you find that your car’s windshield has missing pieces, be responsible for having it replaced by a trusted mechanic by a windshield repair and replacement service in your area.

6. Your Windshield Shows Surface Pitting

Pitting is a common type of windshield wearing. It’s often caused by roadway dirt, dust, or rubble. Under this condition, the glass is believed to deteriorate in patches. And, over time, these patches could capture the sunlight, which could result in temporary loss of vision or sunspots.

Pitting in the windshield is caused by flying rocks or objects from driving too close to other cars. Keep a gap between your car and the vehicle in front of you to prevent pitting. This will keep any flying debris from hitting your windshield when you’re driving.

Pitted windshields aren’t only unflattering, but they can also endanger your life. That’s why you must understand when to patch a pitted windshield.

7. Haze Is Noticeable On Its Edges

For safety reasons, a car’s windshield is treated with a laminated glass called polyvinyl butyral or PVB. This is a safety glass that holds together even when broken. Instead, it keeps the glass from shattering into big, sharp fragments. As a result, when a crash occurs, the car’s passengers or bystanders may not be cut or injured.

When you see a white haze around the edges of your windshield, it means that the plastic is separating from the glass. This could put you at risk of extensive and sharp fragments of glass flying inward during an accident. While it may seem insignificant, this may harm you and the others who are riding with you, so don’t bear the gamble!

8. Your Previous Windshield Repair Didn’t Solve The Problem

Suppose it hasn’t been long since you just had your windshield repaired. As you drive around with a newly fixed glass, you might still be noticing a visibly wavy glass. This could be a sign that your previous repair didn’t do a good job.

In the long run, getting a replacement makes more sense, although it’s reasonable whenever people opt for a repair instead. Even if their windshield’s chip is tiny and minor, it’s necessary to remember that, over time and through the cold season, the windshield may not be able to survive such repairs indefinitely.

Final Thoughts

While every car owner wishes to keep their vehicle in excellent shape, this isn’t always the case. No matter how cautious or skilled a driver you are, there may still come a time when your vehicle will sustain harm.

If you spot any of the disturbing indications mentioned on your windshield, you must fix or replace it in no time. If these problems occur, your safety and of those on the road may be jeopardized. Therefore, be cautious and don’t take too long to see a trained mechanic do the job. After all, you deserve a windshield you can count on.

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