8 Things to Do to Secure the Safety and Security of Your Caravan


You spent a lot of money on your caravan. Second to your house, a caravan purchase is probably the most expensive purchase of your life. For a great selection of caravans and mobile homes designed for living try Adria Mobil.Hence, it’s just right that you go all out in securing it. It’s a solid investment that deserves all the safety and security that it can get. To help you do this, we talked to experts and asked for the most important safety and security protocols that you should deploy on your caravan. Such tips are as follows:

Expert Tip #1: Label Everything

This is a very simple safety and security tip that will reap numerous benefits. You should make it a point to label everything — from tools, foods, supplies, and spare parts. This is essential because it will make your road trips smooth-flowing and easier because everything will be organized. In case of emergency situations, everyone will easily know where necessary supplies are. Speed is always of the essence and it is best supported by clear and intentional actions of preparation.

Expert Tip #2: Locks for Wheels

Wheel locks are important to secure that your caravan is not towed away by anyone at any given time. When its wheels are locked, you can be sure that your caravan stays securely and safely in place. When purchasing wheel locks, make it a point to bring your caravan with you. Wheel locks go by different designs and mechanisms. But one thing that you should mainly consider is its compatibility with the wheels of your caravan. Apart from being seamlessly compatible with your caravan wheels, your wheel locks of choice should also be easy-to-use. This will ensure that anyone in your family can easily use it at any given time.

Expert Tip #3: Locks for Doors and Windows

You should dedicate hours to researching locks for the doors and windows of your caravan. This is an important task because you need to make sure that all items and belongings inside your caravan are secure and safe at all times. Malicious people often force their way through windows so you have to separately buy special locks for caravan windows. Regular locks would do but it’s best to look for ones that are made especially for caravan windows. Over locks are ideal to highly secure the safety of your belongings.

Expert Tip #4: Hitch Locks

You should make it a point to secure hitch locks. Without one, it would be easy for any vehicle to hitch to your van and tow it away. Such an incident is easily preventable simply by using a hitch lock. When in place, your hitch cannot be accessed by just anyone. You can rest easy and be at peace with the knowledge that no person will be able to tow your caravan away. Regular locks won’t do so make sure that you buy hitch locks that fully fit your current unit. Buying one that allows for extra space will end up pointless as people may be able to easily squeeze their hooks into it and still manage to tow away your caravan. Aim for full compatibility when looking for a hitch lock. If you’re looking for stronger hitch options that can’t easily be towed away, you should check out over centre latches.

Expert Tip #5: Storage

You should have a solid game plan when it comes to your van’s storage. Its storage area should not be easily accessible to people. It should be in a space that is highly secured and does not attract any unwanted attention. The most common mistake that people do when buying a caravan is proceeding with a purchase without contemplating their storage option. Please make it a point to secure a storage area first before you purchase any kind of vehicle, a caravan most especially. This is essential because a caravan needs a bigger space.

Expert Tip #6: Tracking

You should invest in a good tracking system for your caravan. A GPS tracking system should be enough to enable you to easily trail after your caravan should it ever get towed or stolen. It is now very easy and convenient to secure one as installation can be done in an instant. Newer caravans even come with built-in tracking systems. Thieves are good at removing trackers once they get hold of a stolen vehicle. This is why when looking for a tracking system, you should opt for one that cannot be removed or easily destroyed.  If you’re low on budget, you can check out Apple’s AirTag. It is effective enough to be used as a last-minute alternative tracking device.

Expert Tip #7: Alarm System

Your caravan should also have its own alarm system. A specialized security alarm system will always notify you if any suspicious activity is taking place. With one, you will receive a phone call or a text every time an unwanted or unauthorized action is detected. Some alarm systems even directly contact the police once a security trigger is activated

Expert Tip #8: Insurance

A big investment should always be insured. An insurance policy is still one of the best available tools when it comes to avoiding liability and securing one’s property from accident or loss. With one, you can be totally free of worry when it comes to your caravan. A solid insurance policy can secure that you get your caravan’s full worth should it ever get stolen or encounter an accident. Insurance policies can also protect you from liabilities in case of accidents that lead to damage to third parties. To sleep well at night, you should make it a point to secure an insurance policy for your caravan.

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