8 Simple tips about how to protect your car from snow

This article provides eight simple tips to protect your vehicle from snow in this approaching winter weather

When wintertime is coming with snow across many parts of the country, it is quite challenging for drivers to drive a car on a snowy road. It may be the case that you find heavy ice and snow-covered on your windshield or wipers, or your car’s tires can lose traction on the road because of full of snow after parking outside on the street for only a little while.

Apart from this, salt is used to melt the snow on many roads, but ironically, it can wear out your brake or exhaust, form rust on some parts of your vehicle and even be harmful to your car’s paint.

It’s not easy to drive your car full of snow stuck on the windshield or every part of the vehicle. Thus, harsh winter requires the driver to care about snow and ice that can physically damage your vehicle and care about keeping your car’s paint clean from salt on the road.

There are many tips to protect your car from the snow, but we would like to provide eight highlighted tips below for your information.

1.   Consider using a car cover.

Whether you have your car parked in the garage or not, the coming winter season might cause your vehicle to be covered with snow and ice even if you only park the car outdoors for a little time.

The tip is having your car covered. The car cover can help protect your vehicle from heavy snow during such time. Not only safeguard your vehicle, but a cover can also help prevent theft as it takes time to rob the car in such a cover.

Otherwise, it is still okay to cover the vehicle with a cloth when you park the car in a little while in heavily snowy weather. Later you can move the fabric and see that your car will not suffer a lot from the snow.

2.   Wash with a soft brush

Car stuck in heavily snowy road

It is necessary to keep your vehicle clean all season, but it is especially essential while driving your vehicle in the winter. Since snow carries unwanted chemical substances, debris, and salt, which might be corrosive to the paint, you may have to take more care of washing and remove those substances in your vehicle regularly.

If your car happens to be stuck in a heavily snowy road, make sure to carry a soft brush or soft cloth to remove snow and any possible chemicals that may stick in your car. The soft brush is to ensure that it can gently remove any debris or substances without causing any scratches on your vehicle.

3.   Wax your car often

Keeping your car clean helps the exterior paint be smooth and make the dust and heavy snow more challenging to stick on the part of your vehicle. Thus, waxing the car as many times as possible could keep it clean and prevent it from the snow.

Waxing your car not only to ensure your paint gets protection from salt but also create barriers not allow snow to stick on it. Overtime, suffering from snow, salt and debris, when the wax wore out, you will have to repeat waxing again.

And a plus point: your car always looks shiny, and maybe a kind of stress-releasing job so why not spend more time waxing it more in the winter?

4.   Add protective paint film

A piece of additional advice is to add a protective paint film on your car. This tip is provided since the protective paint film not only protects your vehicle paint well from the snow, but it also keeps it from rust forming because of salt on the street.

Protective paint film helps prevent your car from different elements on the road like snow and salt that causes possible scratches, stains, and rusts. Hence, such a film will keep the paint color durable in a more extended period.

5.   Socks on windshield wipers

If you park your car outdoors in a heavy snow winter, it is unavoidable that your vehicle and the windshield will be covered with snow.

Thus we would recommend wearing your windshield wiper with socks that later these socks will help to wipe the snow more easily without causing scratches on the windshield.

6.   Using a hand sanitizer

While it’s unavoidable that your car was coated with heavy snow in the winter, you might find it challenging to put the key into the lock. At this time, you can cover a small amount of hand sanitizer on the key. The alcohol and cream in the hand sanitizer would somehow help smooth the key and melt the ice in the lock.

Thus, bringing a hand sanitizer with you is not only for your hygiene but also for your car.

7.   Apply toothpaste to car headlights

There is a good trick to clean foggy and oxidized car headlights in the winter is to try some car wash soap with water to clean it first then apply an amount of toothpaste that has some ingredients to defog the surface of headlights.

You will need to use a dampen but clean cloth, adding some toothpaste to scrub the headlights gently. Then make sure to clean all the remaining toothpaste from the headlight. This trick will not help clean the foggy and oxidized car headlights forever but surely help clean it temporarily.

8.   Remove wet leaves as soon as possible.

Driving the car in the forest or on the road may cause your vehicle to contact different objects, including wet leaves, especially in the windy and snowy weather, like in winter. Though wet leaves seem to be harmless, they may carry salt, which causes possible rust forming later.

Therefore, whenever you find wet leaves to drop in your car or somewhere around the front or rear wheel, quickly remove them. That’s also why we need to wash the car more often and keep it clean during the winter season.

In a nutshell, there are many tips to help your car from snow, let’s try out these this winter and tell us more about your suggestions. We would love to hear more from you!

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