8 Reasons Why Small Cars are Better Than Big Cars

Size is one of the main criteria to consider when you buy or rent a car, and more often you prefer a larger vehicle. However, is this the right choice? Let’s figure it out.

For example, you’re going on a family trip to Chicago. In this case, picking up a minivan rental Chicago will be the best solution since a big family requires more space. The situation will be radically different if we are talking about a small journey with a spouse or friend. Then you no longer need a large car and prefer a compact or economy one.

Despite the popularity and demand for large cars, they are gradually losing their positions. This is because they are difficult to drive in urban traffic conditions and don’t correspond to modern environmental ideas.

On the other hand, small cars are ideal for use in many ways. And if you still think small cars are ridiculous, here’re some reasons that will make you change your mind and take a closer look at compact models!

1. Easy driving even on narrow streets

If you have ever traveled in a rental car with historical areas, then you know how difficult it’s to drive along narrow streets. However, it can be difficult to drive an SUV even on a regular street, especially with many cars parked on it.

Where a large car has to drive into the oncoming lane to avoid cars, a small car will be able to pass them without any problems. You will feel the advantage of a small car as soon as the highway ends and narrow city passages begin.

2. Hassle-free parking

It’s getting harder and harder to find a place to park your full-size SUV on a city street. This is especially true for new areas with over twenty-story apartments but without sufficient parking spaces. Even if you find free space in such areas, it’s simply impossible to park a large-sized vehicle there due to the lack of room for maneuver.

Compact cars are another matter. You can park them almost anywhere, especially where even ordinary cars are afraid to drive. It will be easy for you to find a parking spot near the supermarket, drive into the parking garage, or park a car along the street.

3. Low fuel consumption

Of course, this doesn’t work with all compact cars. But in most cases, car makers install fuel-efficient engines in small cars. For example, a Peugeot 107 with a 1-liter engine has a fuel economy of 65.6 MPG.

In fact, when driving on a highway, this car has even more impressive fuel efficiency. For larger vehicles, this figure averages 25-35 MPG. This means you enjoy double fuel savings each time you drive a compact car. Given the rise in fuel prices, the overall savings on a long-distance trip can be quite large.

4. Less cost

A crossover or SUV will cost much more than a compact car. This works both when you buy and rent a car. The point is not only in the configuration but also in the need for automakers to strengthen the structures of large-sized vehicles and make them more durable.

On the other hand, small cars can afford to have a lightweight design with no unnecessary parts, which makes them cheaper to maintain and repair. The chassis, engine, and transmission don’t experience such heavy loads as in SUVs, because the mass of compact cars usually doesn’t exceed one ton.

5. Great manoeuvrability

If you’ve driven a large crossover, you know how difficult it can be to turn around and maneuver on a narrow road. Yes, on straight sections of the road, a large car with a powerful engine looks more confident, but small models win when maneuvering. They can easily avoid any obstacle, which is especially useful on city streets with many sharp turns.

6. Less-stolen cars

According to statistics, there were 721,885 car thefts in the United States in 2019. The most frequently stolen vehicles are the mid-size Honda Civic, the full-size Toyota Camry, and the Ford F-150 pickup. This means that small cars are not very popular among criminals due to low interest in the market and low profitability when selling components. In addition, a stereotypically large car looks like a better target for the thief.

7. Less insurance cost

The more expensive and more powerful the car is, the more you will pay for insurance. So, for example, you will pay about $ 1,200 a year to ensure Kia Picanto, while Volkswagen Tiguan’s insurance cost is about $1,400. The same applies when you rent a car. The higher the car category and its market price, the higher the insurance cost.

8. Less trash in the trunk

Some owners of large cars put in their trunk everything that comes to hand, as they believe it will definitely come in handy in the future. The trunk can contain a washing vacuum cleaner, toolboxes, and much more that clutters up the space.

The same applies to the salon. Owners of small cars understand that they simply have nowhere to store trash, so they try to be more careful in cleaning the interior. This allows them to develop a habit of disposing of trash, which is good for both the home and work environment.

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