7 Ways to Customize Your Car for Cheap

While looking for a way to customize your car interior, you may notice that some of the more favorable accessories can cost an arm and a leg. But, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your ride give off a bit of personality if you purchase the right things. Try out these 7 ways you can deck out your car without spending thousands of dollars.

Private Licence Plates

One of the easiest ways to show off your ride is by adding a custom licence plate to the back and front of your vehicle. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and endless ways for you to express yourself. Plus, every single custom plate is unique.

You can purchase a new licence plate at the DMV or anywhere that offers car insurance, but If you’re looking for rare, legal licence plates, see the Absolute Reg site for plenty of options.

Custom Floor Mats

You can purchase floor mats from most automotive shops, but if you want anything but a solid black color and no design, you’ll have to opt for custom. There are plenty of places online that allow you to put anything on a floor mat, even if that image is copyrighted.

Want to place Spiderman, your favorite sports team, or multiple colors on your floor mat? All of that is possible if you pay a little extra for something more unique.

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers are so common that you can find them in dollar stores, but if you want something that offers more grip or something that keeps your hands warm, you’ll need to shop somewhere else. Plenty of places will prioritize fun colors over utility.

However, if you want something that offers comfort, protection, and warmth, you can try a Sheepskin steering wheel. Or, try a Lemonbest cover for breathability and grip.

Mini Fridge

Plenty of people in the city have to suffer a long commute to the office, and sometimes you just need something to drink to keep you going. A mini fridge is perfect for storing water, cold coffee, sodas, and juice for you and the other passengers in your car. Plus, car-sized fridges are cheap!

Some mini fridges will have an automatic timer that shuts off after you leave the car or will stay on and use your battery to keep items cool while you’re away.

Sun Visors

Anyone who drives a black car in the summer can tell you how painful it is to sit in the vehicle. Sun visors will soak up the sun’s rays so you won’t have to step into an oven multiple times a day. If you want to be fancy, you can customize these sun visors with plenty of pictures.

A customized sun visor won’t cost you much, and it’s easy to put a picture on aluminum foil. There are websites that let you upload any photo, including anything copyrighted.

Seat Covers

If you need to use a sun visor to keep the heat away, you probably need seat covers for their utility. Universal seat covers sold in stores may not fit all seats, and they may not be compatible with airbags, so it’s actually more cost-effective to custom fit your seat covers.

Sheepskin, imitation leather, and neo-supreme are popular choices, but you can usually put anything you want on cotton covers similar to custom floor mats.

Custom Pockets

Adding custom pockets to the back of your seats can add personality and versatility. You can use an Outdoor Pocket System to organize and store gear. These add-ons are especially helpful for construction workers, hikers, and outdoorsmen who carry many things.

Many custom seat cover places will add custom pockets to the pack to create an all-in-one system that comes in custom colors and patterns.

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