7 Tuning Insights That Will Help Your Car Look Brand New

Cars can quickly look old and outdated without proper maintenance. There is dirt, rust, and numerous other elements you need to steer your car clear from to ensure it keeps its appeal.

It takes more than just washing your car to make it appear brand new. You need to get the car serviced regularly. But of course, that is not all. We have seven tuning insights that will help you keep your car appearing new.

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Repaint your car

The need for a new paint job depends on the condition of your car. Sometimes a wash isn’t enough to bring life into the color of your car or maybe paint has started to scrape off from parts of the car? Don’t worry though, a new paint job can have your car look sparkling new. The most exciting part is choosing a color, you can opt for the same color or pick a new one. We recommend going in a new color because it will make it appear as you purchased a new car altogether.

Change easily replaceable parts that appear damaged

It is common for parts such as the bumpers and windshields to experience scratches and damage through the years. Now unlike the door or the body frame, you can easily find new replacements for bumpers and windshields at a reasonable price. Look for windshield repair and replacement experts and other replaceable parts dealers near you to find the best option. New bumpers and windshields will enhance the appeal of your car.

Get rid of scratches

Scratches are unavoidable. Even the most careful of drivers eventually end up with scratches on their car. It doesn’t matter if the scratch is major or minor, it diminishes the appeal of the car. You don’t necessarily need to opt for a new paint job for scratches. It is more cost-effective to get them patched and touched up. Make sure you go with a mechanic that knows what they are doing. It is easy for the eyes to detect bad patchwork.

Clean under the hood

With time a lot of dirt and dust will accumulate under the hood of your car. Not many car owners take the time out to look under the hood, but you must maintain it, especially since that is the area where the main components of the car are stored. Most car washes provide this service, which is probably the best option for most car owners. The last thing you want to do while taking the task on yourself is to accidentally mess with the wiring under the hood.

Detail the interior

The interior is as important as the exterior when it comes to the overall appeal of the car. You should get the interior cleaned every time you get the car washed. Start by vacuuming the seats and carpets and move on to cleaning the dash, doors, and so on. You can take the task on yourself or go to a local car wash.

When it comes to the interior, you also want to pay attention to the trim which starts to fade with time. Look for any buttons or switches that have faded and get them replaced. These should be available at the manufacturer’s service center near you.

Get new seat covers

After years of use, the seat upholstery gets worn out, torn, and faded. No amount of cleaning or patchwork results in the upholstery looking new. Your only option is to get new upholstery, which is expensive. If you are looking to save money and time, since getting new upholstery requires you to go without your car for a few days, you can opt for new seat covers. The cover will hide any cosmetic damage to the seat, making them appear brand new.

Make technological upgrades

Cars today come with innovative technologies from a digital dashboard to in-car entertainment. Now, you can’t change the dashboard system, but you can update other parts of the car to stay up-to-date with the latest technology like a touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, parking cameras, and high-end stereo.

You don’t have to wait until you opt to sell your car to tune it up to make it appear brand new. If you truly love your car, you should take the necessary measures to maintain it. It doesn’t take a lot and will save you from having to spend a hefty amount all at once when you do decide to sell it.


Tarek Salam is a Canadian auto glass repair technician with over a decade of experience repairing automotive glass for all makes and models of vehicles in Canada. He loves sharing interesting and useful information with the intention of educating and helping people make better automotive decisions.

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