7 Signs Your Volvo’s Transmission is Due for Repairs

As a motorist, you probably know how crucial your transmission is for your car’s operation. Volvo owners have high-performance machines, but yours won’t stay that way unless your transmission functions correctly. You must keep an eye on it to make sure it’s performing at peak capacity.

If you need Volvo transmission repair, ensure you take care of that with no delays. Let’s discuss some of the obvious signs that you need a qualified mechanic to look at it.

Unintended Gear Shifts

You should shift your Volvo’s gears intentionally. If unintentional shifts happen, that’s a sign you need someone to examine the transmission.

Unintentional gear shifts can jolt your Volvo forward so that it strikes the car ahead of you. You must make sure that doesn’t happen.

Buzzing or Whirring Noises

Transmissions are infamous for making bizarre buzzing, whirring, or clunking noises when they’re not functioning correctly. If you hear something like that once, you might think it’s your imagination.

If there’s something genuinely wrong with the transmission, though, you’ll start hearing these noises more frequently. Make sure you act accordingly with no delays.

The Clutch Pedal Grabbing Higher or Lower Than Normal

If your Volvo’s transmission is functioning properly, the clutch pedal should grab in the same place every time. If it’s no longer doing that, it’s probably your hydraulic system, the pressure plate, or the linkage. These are all transmission components.

Leaking Fluid

Your vehicle leaking fluid is always a dead giveaway that something has gone wrong. With transmission problems, a pink or red liquid trailing behind while you’re driving will probably occur. It will also pool beneath the car when you’re idling.

Shaking or Grinding

You know approximately where the transmission is located on your car. If that part of the vehicle starts shaking, or you hear a grinding sound like gears sticking, that usually means you have something in the transmission that’s contaminating it.

That’s most commonly grease, sludge, dirt, or some combination. A mechanic can clean that out for you.

A Strong Acrid, Burning Smell

A burning smell usually indicates a transmission problem. If you pop the hood and look at your transmission fluid, you will probably notice it’s dark or cloudy. When you smell it, you can detect notes of burning rubber or hair.

It’s a distinct smell, and once you give it a sniff, you’ll definitely know whether this is the issue or not. A transmission flush might fix the problem, but you may also need a more expensive repair.

Gears Sticking

With Volvos, you should always have no issues shifting smoothly from one gear to another. If you ever feel the gears sticking, get the vehicle to a mechanic immediately.

If you ignore this problem, you can stall out. If you lurch forward from one gear to another while in heavy traffic, you can also cause an accident.

As long as you get your Volvo to the shop whenever you detect a transmission problem, you’ll keep yourself and the drivers around you safe.

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