6 Tips to Modify your Bike to Improve Performance

Who doesn’t like to ride a bike at its highest speed?
Well, if you are a rider, you must be quite fascinated towards it!
However, with the passage of time and just like any other thing which gets old, gradually the performance of bikes starts getting fragile. In that case, you just can’t ignore the situation otherwise it will eventually hamper your performance.
What you should actually do is nothing but acting smart to improve the condition of your motorcycle.
How to do that?
Read on…

1. Go for Air Filter:

Do you know about performance spec air filter?
It is one of the amazing ways to accentuate the performance of a motorcycle. Above that, it even doesn’t cost much to let the engine get more air through an air filter. It finally leads to burning some extra fuel to produce more power. Also, when it comes to the aftermarket components of such a modification, it is quite good in case of filtration.

2.Tune the Carburettor:

If your bike is fed by a carburettor, it becomes quite easy for you to tune up it. All that you need to do is set a perfect mixture which can help the bike to perform in the best possible way. Moreover, the carburettor tuning works best when it is combined with performance air filter and exhaust system.

3. Performance Exhaust has to be Done:

Performance exhaust not only brings down the amount of weight that a stock silencer carries but also it helps the engine to get rid of the gases at a faster pace. It further helps the motorcycle to work for a longer time while imparting lesser stress on itself.

4. Tweak the Gearing:

If you make some significant changes in the gearing system of your bike, you can upgrade its speed flawlessly. With the perfect combination of front and rear sprocket, you will get the best kind of acceleration and the top speed in your bike.
You should give special attention to the number of teeth. If you observe the scenario quite precisely, your bike will get more acceleration when there will be a bigger rear sprocket or smaller front sprocket. Overall, it will not only enhance the power output but also change the way in which power will be utilized while riding.

5. Take Care of Braking System:

When it comes to a motorcycle, what can stop it is as important as what gets it going. In case of the bike, if you want to improve its performance, you need to replace the stock lines with the braided stainless steel lines. With such kind of lines, your bike will get an enhanced feel and control.
Moreover, it is even more important to pay attention to the pads of your bike. If you want to choose the best ones for your bike, make sure that you are matching them to the brake discs.

6. Adjust Lever and Rear Sets:

You must adjust the controls in such a way that it suits the performance of your bike. While doing so, you will be able to make the control inputs very easy. If you are feeling it uncomfortable in your hand to drive the motorcycle, you have to act for it.
All that you need to do is check out the angle of your wrist and ankle joints on your handlebars and rear sets. Next, you need to adjust them as much as possible so that your joints are in the most comfortable position.
Apart from letting you go for a comfortable drive, doing this will allow your bike’s performance to increase like never before. As you will be able to control your bike in a better way, your bike will run swiftly and flawlessly.
This is how you can accentuate the performance of your motorcycle whenever you feel that there are some issues with it.
Aren’t these tricks awesome enough?
You should start following them as soon as possible and thus your bike will never age with time! You will be able to feel the same amusement while riding it as it used to be when you just bought the motorcycle.

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