6 Must-Have Features to Consider When Customizing your Garage

A custom garage is a great way to create additional storage space in your home. It allows you to incorporate the best features to match your needs and preferences. Therefore, it should be no surprise that modern garages are undergoing extensive renovations, adding more room and facilities than before. Check out these essential components for your next garage!

1. Extra space

Space is a top priority when it comes to garage features. Nobody desires a cramped, inadequate garage. Even if you currently own two vehicles, a three-car garage might be your best option, especially if you like activities that require a lot of space. 

2. Shelving and pegboards

This is unquestionably necessary for all garages that are organized. Hanging your tools, power strips, rolls of tape, and other essentials keep things organized and spotless while preventing clutter on your flooring. 

As a garage owner, you can step up your garage by proudly displaying your handiwork, favorite skateboards, homemade pottery, and more on shelving and pegboards. But it’s also acceptable to use them to maintain your sanity. 

3. Extra doors

Adding more doors to the garage can be very beneficial if you frequently enter and exit it while caring for your hobbies. Consider how much time you’ll save by not using the garage-door opener every single time. Most adaptable floor plans can choose to include a practical side entrance or a big bay door. These doors are great for removing yard tools, auto parts, and more. 

4. Overhead storage 

Most garages are taller than the average car, and you can make the most of the available storage space by installing overhead shelves and hooks. You can use overhead storage to store various items, including ladders, bicycles, plastic storage containers, cardboard boxes, holiday decorations, and more. 

5. Double flooring 

Over the years, your garage floor will endure a lot, so you’ll need concrete flooring that can withstand heavy traffic. You’ll also require a surface resistant to water and stains if you work in the garage, parking automobiles inside, etc.

The correct floor will prevent cracks and stains and frequently be simple to clean and maintain over time. This is unquestionably a must for your workshop and is also something to consider while planning your workshop. 

6. Adequate lighting 

Good lighting is yet another essential garage requirement. Finding things quickly and working securely in the garage depending on adequate lighting. The ideal combination of lighting options may guarantee that your garage is equipped with everything you require. 

For instance, task lighting is can help illuminate hard-to-reach areas. Proper lighting ensures you won’t cause any accidents or incur injuries, as a garage is where you store tools that can cause harm easily.


A custom garage offers multiple benefits to homeowners. It will create additional space and spruce the look of your home. However, your choice of features matters, which is why you should have your garage installed by professionals. Get in touch with garage professionals to have your dreams come true!

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