6 Habits That Protect Your Vehicle From Premature And Frequent Mechanical Breakdown

Troy McGraw

Apart from the basic oil change, experts recommend regular replacement or topping-up of filters, fluids, lubrication, oil, bulbs, bearing, clutch and brakes for the proper maintenance of a vehicle. Regular replacement or rotation of tires is also crucial to prevent the frequent and premature mechanical breakdown of your car.

Breakdowns often happen at the worst possible time. In this case, an emergency roadside assistance and tire repair service can give you peace of mind. But aside from having roadside protection, there are things that you can do yourself to prevent your car from breaking down along the middle of the road.

Below are some of the habits that will protect your car from mechanical breakdown.

1. Follow Oil Change Schedules

Most manufacturers of smaller vehicles require new car buyers to have an oil change once they reach the first 1,000 kilometers. As the engine goes through its break-in period, the tolerances in the engine block are removed; also, the parts start to meld together. Simultaneously, the small metal parts that break off from the new components will mix with the oil. This debris must be flushed out instantly because this can cause premature engine wear and tear. After 4,000 kilometers, another oil change will be done, then again after every 5,000 kilometers.

Although some oil brands say that the oil can last for 10,000 kilometers between changes, this will greatly depend on the air quality where the car is driven. If you regularly drive your car on dusty roads, it is still best to change the oil after every 5,000 kilometers.

Transmission and gear oil must be replaced on time as well. Neglecting to do so will cause the poor operation of the car, and can even lead to severe damage.

2. Replace Filters Regularly

Together with the oil, the oil filter must be replaced. Car owners who are on a tight budget often skip replacing the filter or opt to simply purchase a cheaper one. Remember that foreign debris not caught by inferior filters will eventually damage your car’s engine.

 3. Replace Batteries at the End of Their Life Cycle

Car batteries come with an end-of-life period, which can last between two to three years for batteries that come with brand-new cars. For replacement batteries, they can last for 12, 15, or 21 months. The price varies depending on its guaranteed lifespan. To prevent experiencing a dead battery while on a trip, make sure to replace it as soon as it warranty expires.

4. Regular Check-ups on Brakes

Brakes will keep you and your family safe each time you are in transit. Regular check-ups on the brakes of your car will help make sure that you do not cause any damage to the rotors. This will also save you a significant amount of money down the road.

5. Rotate and Replace Tires on a Regular Basis

Tires are made from rubber, which means that they wear out after being driven for thousands of kilometers. For them to last longer, all four tires as well as the spare tire must be rotated every 5,000 kilometers. This ensures that each tire wears out evenly.

Moreover, make sure that all tires have the correct pressure. Check with the tire manufacturer about its lifespan and replace them accordingly. Even when sparingly used, tires fail because they age.

6. Change Belts As Recommended

Several belts will make the car run properly, which include the fan belt, drive belt, timing belt, and power steering belt. Since belts are made of rubber, they will deteriorate in time. Make sure to replace the belts as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will prevent problems like heavy steering, loss of electrical power, overheating, and mechanical breakdown. Neglecting to replace the timing belt will cause a severe engine breakdown that may be too expensive to repair.

If your car breaks down while hitting the road, call for a roadside truck repair assistance provider. And each time you hear a strange noise or experience some form of car trouble, make sure to immediately bring your vehicle to a reliable auto shop for a check-up. This will help prevent further damage to your car. Also, this will keep your repair costs low.

Never take car maintenance for granted. Follow preventative maintenance schedules and the manufacturer’s recommendations. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the most out of your driving and be saved from high repair costs and frustrations.



A Georgia native, Troy McGraw started Road Rescue Incorporated in 2014, specializing in tractor and trailer emergency breakdown road service. As the president of Road Rescue, Inc., his goal is to provide quality, dependable service to the trucking industry. Road Rescue Incorporated is a growing, thriving, and respected company servicing the trucking industry in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas.

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