5 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency (The Most Useful Tips)

Worrying about the gas price or harming the environment is natural. Many people do that, but very few take a step towards acting on it. On the other hand, some people even go as far as switching to a hybrid or full electric. But to be honest, that’s not required. Especially when you know you have access to five ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

A vehicle can burn at least 30 percent more fuel when not maintained properly. This is why car manufacturers, dealers and service station mechanics stress vehicle maintenance.

So let’s find out some useful tips to make sure that you utilize every tiny drop of that fuel that enters your tank.

1. Opt for synthetic oil

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What synthetic oil does is flow better under low temperatures and safeguards the engine under high temperatures. It even provides excellent protection against engine wear.

If you’re one of those car owners with an old engine and an old 4 channel amp, you have to deal with sludge buildup, don’t you? At such times, there’s nothing better than synthetic oil to eliminate the problem.

2.Try hypermilingmethod

Hypermiling is nothing but techniques to make practical changes to your driving habits to benefit fuel economy. The methods include slowing down, using cruise control, babying brakes or letting go of the accelerator.

Do you know the ideal fuel-efficient speedrange? It’s between 45 and 60 mph. For every five miles above 60 mph, fuel efficiency drops by as much as 10 percent.

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsCt_bFvXeg]

3. Engine checkups

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This is kind of an important one, too.

Regular enginecheckups are a part of car maintenance, right? So all the more reason to drop your vehicle at a service outlet!

Issues such as damaged oxygen sensor or failed emissions test affect the car’s fuel efficiency. So it’s better to fix these problems before they lower the gas mileage to a great extent.

4. Don’t top off gas tank

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Squeezing the pump at the gas station for that last drop of fuel you paid for is a bad idea. The thing about gas pumps is that when they shut off, they do so for a reason. Topping off the tank leads to flooding the vapor collection mechanism. And this produces a lot of carbon emissions.

Just like you, gas needs some space, too. So you should give it that extra room to avoid releasing any more harmful emissions into the environment.

5. Keep the tires inflated properly

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When tires don’t have the correct inflation, they raise rolling resistance. And this results in working the gas over time. So now you know how deflated tires tend to rob fuel efficiency.

Keeping the tires inflated can improve fuel economy by as much as 3.3 percent. And if your tires are old, then should consider getting new ones. This is as much important as buying high-quality audio gear if you are a music lover.


So these are the top five ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. We know that gas prices never remain stable. They change just like everything and everybody else in the world. It’s just how things work, don’t they? And if you want to roll with it, then you should do so in a fuel-efficient manner.

Being worried about the lows and highs of gas prices or minimizing carbon footprint is reason enough to do something about it. And with these five simple steps, you can achieve that without even trying too hard.

So tell me, are you a responsible Homo sapiens on this planet? Are you going to incorporate any one of these five habits into your car driving routine?

You can provide any more tips that you have in mind about the topic in the comments section. Drop in your thoughts and views too.

And I hope that you come back again for more!

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