5 Ways You Can Improve Your Car to Make Driving a Pleasure Again

While some people absolutely love the feeling of driving, whether it’s the feel of the engine, the performance of the car, or just the ability to cruise around roads in your country and the sense of freedom you get from such a simple activity; others hate driving.
However, as part of the modern-day life, driving is somewhat inevitable, and you’ll have to drive sooner or later. This can become even worse when you need to drive long distances, sometimes for hours at a time.
Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have to have a bad day. Instead, here are five ways you need to remember when it comes to making driving an enjoyable experience once again.

1 – Listen to Your Favourite Playlist

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever before to tune into your favorite playlist and rock out, especially if you’re using a service like Apple Music or Spotify. Plug in or Bluetooth connect your device to your car radio and spend endless hours jamming to your favorite tracks.
This is one of the best ways to make driving pleasurable again, and if you’re able to get lost in your favorite artists, you’ll be able to kill hours this way!

2 – Make the Car Drive Better

If the car you’re driving is broken or doesn’t work correctly and, up until now, you’ve just been dealing with it, getting these problems fixed can help you relax a little more and ultimately enjoy the driving experience.
You could also make custom add-ons to help improve the experience again. For example, following some quiet tire ideas can be a great way to help quieten your car, so it’s not so loud, and therefore, more enjoyable.

3 – Customise Your Car

Perhaps one of the reasons you don’t enjoy driving is because you’re not enjoying the car you’re driving. If you feel ashamed in your car, or you’re not very proud of it, then driving it is not going to be an experience you care about.
However, even with some slight modifications, such as new seats, a customized steering wheel, or just little details and add-ons, you can transform your car into a vehicle you love. This is guaranteed to help you love driving even more than before.

4 – Be Mindful of the Driving Experience

Really take your time to tune into the present moment and pay attention to the driving experience you’re involved in. It’s easy to fall into auto-pilot mode and zone out when driving, especially when going down a road you know really well.
Instead, engage all five senses and pay attention. What can you hear, feel and smell? Watch certain aspects of the road, pay attention to the scenery, and try to keep your mind as focused as possible on what’s going on. You’ll get much more enjoyment from the experience this way.

5 – Play Games

While you probably need someone else in the car with you, you can take your mind off the boring experience of driving by playing games with the other passengers. You could play iSpy, some kind of guessing games, Guess Who, or even try and read each other’s minds.
The more creative the game, the more enjoyable it will be. Just make sure focusing on the road remains your top priority.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can spice up your driving experience to ensure it’s more enjoyable. At the end of the day, you know what you like, so don’t be afraid to encourage it so you can have a happier journey!

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