5 Top Tips For Driving Mobility Scooters on the Road

Knowing the rules of the road is important. This is regardless if you’re driving a scooter or car. With that said, here are a few tips for driving a scooter, as well as for operating powered wheelchairs.

Speed Limits

The majority of Class 3 products can hit speeds of 8mph, tops. However, the only time you should operate at max speed is if you’re on the road, otherwise you should not go any faster than 4mph, which is the speed limit while off-road. This might not seem fast, but bear in mind that humans walk an average pace of 3mph.

You want to be in complete control of your product, as well as reduce your chances of being involved in an accident, which is why it’s essential to reduce speeds when you’re off-road. There are scooters out there that are capable of presetting the max speed. See the range at easypaymobility.co.uk. This means you’ll have little chance of going over the posted speed limit.

Keep An Eye Out For Curbs

Not all scooters or powered wheelchairs are capable of going over all curbs. Ask your dealer about the maximum height curb that the wheelchair or scooter can go over. When you approach a curb, reduce your speed. If possible, use dropped curbs because this will reduce the risk of being in an accident or injuring yourself.

If your dealer doesn’t know about the curb height that your product can handle, then keep hold of your manufacturer’s manual. It should be mentioned there. Also, you can look up your manual on the internet.

Operating On The Road

If your product is a Class 3, then follow the rules. It’s important to adhere to specific codes. These codes include:

  • Class 3 scooters can operate on the road only if they have rear/front lights, a horn and indicators.
  • .Scooters can not drive in cycle lanes or bus lanes.
  • .Always follow signals, road signs and traffic lights.
  • . ou should be visible, which is why you might want to wear fluorescent clothing.

Finally, consider getting breakdown coverage. This will allow you to receive assistance in the event your wheelchair or scooter breaks down when you’re operating it. Best of all, assistance is available 24/7, if you go through Motability Assist. If you’re not sure coverage is included with your product, then ask the dealer how you go about adding it.

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