5 Tips for Taking Over Your First Car Show

Car shows are a fun activity for everyone involved, and are a must for any real car lover. They’re a thrilling hands-on experience for car enthusiasts, and car shows are something the whole family can get involved in. They’re also a way to show off the car you’ve been lovingly restoring or the classic car you continue to maintain. Furthermore, it can be a way to combine meeting up with fellow car lovers and engaging in friendly competition. But they can also be intimidating if it’s your first time around, and you are actually trying to compete. If that’s your goal, here are 5 tips for taking over your first car show.

Detail Your Car

You’ve probably heard the advice to detail the car, but most don’t realise everything that is involved. It isn’t enough to wash and wax the car; it is all the other little details that the judges will take points off for. 
Make sure that you clean the air vents, and get crumbs out of the dashboard. Clean stains from the fabric. Detail the wheel wells. Even the engine should shine! Remove fingerprints and anything other than the car’s natural beauty. 
The hard part is that driving or carrying the car to the car show could get it dirty. This is why you want to take some cleaning supplies with you to the car show. Then you can polish and further clean the car before the competition starts. 

Present the Car the Right Way

Open the windows of the car – don’t be afraid that people will reach in and mess things up. This rarely happens, but if people can’t see the fine details of the car, you’re less likely to attract a crowd or win any prizes. If you’re concerned, put a “do not touch” sign by the car and mirrors that show the underside of the car.
The next step is setting up props around the car. It makes your car more interesting, and it gives bored companions to the enthusiasts something to do. However, you don’t want to bring so many props that it distracts people from the car, and the props should never be inappropriate. Display the interior of the car, such as by opening the hood. If you want to take it to the next level, create a poster listing all the modifications to the car or showing pictures of the car at various times.

Get Show Plates

Another thing that could help your car stand out are show plates. These don’t have to be street legal, so you can afford to get a little more creative with the fonts, colours, and design. Note that you need to have them done by the right supplier though. 
You could consider getting show plates from a supplier such as Number1Plates. They offer all sorts of great designs that will complement any vehicle. They offer 3D and 4D designs that create an added effect, and you can either give them a design you had in mind, or they can make recommendations. They also sell street legal number plates if you want to travel in style and show your baby on the road.

Prepare for the Worst

Car shows are generally held in the summer. Furthermore, old cars tend to overheat. Prepare for the worst by bringing extra oil, coolant and water for yourself. Then you can show off the car without worrying about being stranded on the side of the road. After all, you can add coolant to offset that coolant leak and safely make it home. While you may plan on walking and standing, take a folder chair. Then you won’t have to sit on the grass or concrete, and you won’t end up sitting in the car because you’re tired.

Stay Cool

If possible, park in the shade. However, you may not have a choice about where you’ll park unless you show up several hours early. If you do, you’ll have your choice of parking spots, and you’ll be cooler in the afternoon heat. 
A benefit of this is that people are more likely to remain around your car because you’re in the afternoon shade. It will also help keep the car cool. You could also bring a canopy tent as an alternative. They’re easy to set up, and you can take them anywhere. These will entice people to the shade, too. A great thing about canopy tents is that they prevent tree sap or pollen from making a mess on your car. Bring a cooler and drinks so that you can stay hydrated. This is true year-round, but it is especially true in the summer.
We’ve tried to share a few tips to improve your car show experience. Follow these, and you’ll increase your odds of winning and make the experience as fun and comfortable as possible.

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