5 Tips to Follow When Selling Your Car for Scrap

If your old car does not help you in any way, then selling it for scrap is the best idea to get rid of it fast and make money. The whole procedure of selling your car for scrap comes with certain challenges. So, having the basic knowledge beforehand can save you from trouble in the future. Here are the five expert tips that you should keep in mind while selling your car for scrap.

Find your car’s worth

Every car’s scrap value is differen, according to ukcarmovement.co.uk. So, you need to determine your car’s worth before selling it to have an idea of how much you will earn. Different elements determine a car’s scrap value. The main elements are the car’s condition, size, weight, quality of its material, the distance of your home from the authorized treatment facility, car’s model, the year of manufacture, etc.

There are many online tools that let you get an estimate of your car’s value. To get the estimated price, you will have to provide the necessary information related to your car. Then the tool will generate a price for you.

Prepare the required documents

Before selecting a scrapping centre, you should prepare the required documents. To sell your car for scrap, you will need to have V5C (your car’s logbook). It is to prove that you are the owner of that car. The next document that you would need is your photo ID and any proof of your residence. It can be a utility bill. These documents show that you are the residence of the place where you are selling your car.

Search for the suitable ATF

Now search for a suitable ATF. An authorized treatment facility follows a proper protocol to scrap a car, and it also has the required equipment. So, search a local ATF. You can start this search on the internet. Check different websites. Then check their reviews, customer support service, other services, and reputability. Call or visit different ATFs to get an estimated quote. Then choose the facility that offers the best price. Confirm the pick-up day and time. The buyer will send their vehicle to get your car for scraping.

Tell the DVLA

After getting your car scrapped, you will receive a certificate of destruction (CoD) from the ATF. This certificate will show that you are not responsible for that car anymore. Send it to the DVLA to inform them that you have sold your car. You can get fined if you fail to inform the DVLA of not owning the car anymore. You can send a letter to the DVLA to inform the same thing if you have not yet received your certificate of destruction.

Get the unused road tax

By informing the DVLA, you will get your car’s unused road tax back if there was any. DVLA will send you the tax once your ownership has been cancelled.

Selling your car for scrap will become an easier process if you have the knowledge beforehand. Follow the tips mentioned above to have a great experience.


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