5 Tactics for Selling Over the Phone

Anything is possible if you approach the task with the right mindset and deploy the best tactics. Some people might say that achieving success when selling over the phone is virtually impossible, but those doubters have obviously not had the right phone sales training and clearly don’t have the right mindset.

Selling over the phone is a great way of talking to customers and growing your business sales, you just have to know how to approach the task with the right attitude. It also helps if you learn the secrets of phone selling success by understanding the tactics that deliver positive results.

Ask the right questions

Your first task when making contact with a prospect over the phone is to look for what is referred to as interest signals.

There are a number of fairly standard discovery questions that can open up a conversation.

It requires a certain amount of sales training to know what to ask and where to take the call based on the response you get. Basically, if you can learn how to ask the right questions it should help you to move the call forward in a positive way.

Finding a way to get to the truth

A very common scenario that is played out during a sales call is that a prospect will often rather simply say they would like to think about your offer rather than actually tell you their real objection for not wanting to buy.

You can’t overcome an objection if you don’t know what that is in the first place.

That’s why you will need good training and practice to learn how to handle classic objections so that you can get to the truth.

Make sure you listen

Controlling the direction of a sales call can often be a fine line between getting across your pitch in the right way and making sure that you remember to actively listen to what the person on the other end of the phone is saying.

So-called active listening is a technique that is so often overlooked during a sales call. It shouldn’t be as it will yield good results when you stop and listen.

Maintain control

Even when you are interrupting your flow to listen to what is being said back to you, it is essential that you learn how to remain in control of the call.

If you can set the tone and the agenda this is more likely to produce a positive outcome.

Full disclosure is always the best way

The temptation to withhold certain information that is relevant during the call should be avoided at all costs.

Ultimately, if you don’t adopt the stance of full disclosure the prospect will not trust what you are saying to them and your credibility has gone. Your technique should be focused on highlighting how what you are selling meets their needs whilst being upfront about aspects that don’t solve their problem.

If you use these tips and techniques on a consistent basis you should find that selling by phone is not actually as challenging as you first thought.

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