5 Simple Do It Yourself Car Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is never the most enjoyable thing you can do in the world but it is important – especially when it comes to your car. The cleaner you keep your car, the longer you get to enjoy the smooth rides. We wouldn’t have the fantastic cars of the past to entertain us if the owners hadn’t kept them spotless.

Luckily, keeping a car clean doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune getting it done somewhere. You can clean your car with these simple tricks in seconds. With these do-it-yourself car cleaning tips, you won’t find cleaning a tedious thing any longer and your spotless car will thank you for it.

Tip #1: Baking soda to the rescue

The easiest trick is to stop having to buy multiple cleaning products for your car. You don’t need much more than a few brushes, some proper car wax and a handheld vacuum to keep the car clean. In terms of the magic cleaning detergent, stop wasting your money on costly bottles and pick up some baking soda instead. You can use baking soda on the interior and the exterior of the car.

If you have leather detailing, you should also opt for olive oil! It helps clean the surface and adds a lovely shine to your car’s leather details.

Tip #2: Toothbrush to the rescue

One of the best cleaning tools you can find for your car is the humble toothbrush. It might sound a little odd but you can actually sort out many cleaning problems with the help of an old toothbrush – or you can just buy a new cheap one from the supermarket.

What can you do with the toothbrush? First, it’s super efficient for getting small pieces of dirt away from the seams of the seat cushions. You just need to rub with the brush and the crumbles will start moving away. You can even use the toothbrush for washing small bits and pieces out of your vinyl. Just add a bit of baking soda and water to a glass, dip in your toothbrush and get scrubbing.

Tip #3: Vacuum and dust together

Sometimes a simple vacuuming is not enough to get all the dust off your car. But in order to ensure the dust you brush off doesn’t just end up somewhere else inside the car, you can use a clever vacuum-brush dusting tip. Use a small handheld brush and a handheld vacuum for the trick.

While you’re brushing the dust from the knobs and ventilators, follow your movements with the vacuum – all the dust particles will be instantly whisked away by the vacuum. Of course, the key is to have a lightweight vacuum to use in the car and one that can follow the brush with ease. Consider using the Gtech vouchers to shop for a quality handheld vacuum that’s fit for use in cars.

Tip #4: Keep baby wipes at hand

The cleaner you keep your car during everyday use, the quicker the ‘big’ cleaning days will go by. When your car is in a good order all the time, you don’t need to do a lot of scrubbing and vacuuming. One of the clever ways of cleaning your car is by having baby wipes at hand in the glove compartment. Whenever you drop something or touch the wheel and radio with greasy hands, you can immediately wipe the surfaces clean with the wipes. If you’re stuck in traffic, just do a bit of wiping on the dashboard and your car will look cleaner! The great thing about normal baby wipes is their suitability for many surfaces in the car – you can even wipe the windshield and car windows with them.

Another essential tip in terms of keeping your car clean is to invest in a good trash basket or bag inside the car. For example, a little bag hanging at the back of the seat can be a good place for trash and simple enough to empty. You can buy these online or DIY a bag for cheap.

Tip #5:Magic Eraser to remove stickiness and add shine

If you have surfaces in the car that are sticky – perhaps from spilt coke – or just a bit worn out, you should get rid of them with the help of a Magic Eraser. The tiny sponge will fit your glove compartment and you just have to rub the affected spot a little to remove the stain. It works surprisingly well and is an affordable solution to fixing little problems inside the house. Just don’t start using it on the outside of the car!

Keeping your car clean doesn’t require expensive treatments and tricks. As the above five DIY car cleaning tips have shown, you can get many things done with a few handy tricks and tools. Remember that keeping your car clean will pay a dividend in the future!

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