5 reasons to drive less

Many people love driving – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Driving can be one of life’s simple pleasures. Taking to the road without a destination can feel like a great adventure, especially if you love your car and drive it smoothly.


However, driving all the time isn’t great, for many reasons. While driving might be an enjoyment or necessity in your life, you should think about reducing the amount that you drive. Here’s why.

Reduce traffic

We’ve all been stuck in a never-ending traffic jam, dying to get out of the car and stretch our legs. It can be infuriating. But, by driving less, you reduce the number of vehicles on the road, and quieter roads mean a car accident is less likely (see this car accident lawyer in West Warwick, RI). So, reduce the amount of driving you do, to clear the roads for others. You’ll appreciate it if others do the same when you’re driving.

Save the planet

Unfortunately, driving isn’t great for the environment. The fumes from cars emit harmful pollutants that contribute to global warming. The manufacturing of cars causes problems, too. So, while you can get an electric car which is better for the environment or use better fuel, the best option is to reduce driving when you can. Try walking to work or taking public transport, or simply staying off the roads on weekends.

Save money

We all know that cars have plenty of costs. While we expect to pay for insurance, fuel and car washes, and can add this into a monthly budget, unexpected damages or repairs can come at difficult financial times. So, reduce the possibility of paying huge amounts on car repairs by driving less. Think of the money you could save.

Save your car

Cars don’t last forever, and cars that are driven regularly wear down quicker. While you can drive smoothly and carefully to avoid accidents, cars that get used more often might get scratched or scuffed. The air con might stop working, the tyres could become worn down and uneven, or the sensors might malfunction. So, if you’re particularly fond of your vehicle or simply don’t want the faff of buying a new one, try to drive it a little less. Like most things, it will last longer.

Enjoy it more

There’s nothing better than driving on a hot day with a cool breeze coming through the windows and your favourite song playing on the radio. But how many times does your drive feel like this? Most driving commutes are arduous and stressful, and driving can feel more like a chore than a hobby. By doing it less, you guarantee that you enjoy it more.

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