5 Heavy-Duty Truck Suspension Problems and How to Proceed

Keeping your truck on the road is essential if you want to be able to keep delivering for customers and earning money. That is why it is wise to pay attention to how your truck is driving and look out for potential problems with your suspension.

Your suspension system is fundamental to the smooth and safe running of your truck. There are some suspension problems that tend to crop up regularly as a common issue.

You can get what you need to carry out a repair by choosing the right item from an Automann parts selection list from your chosen part supplier. In the meantime, here is a look at the most typical heavy-duty truck suspension problems and what you need to do.

Is your truck pulling to one side?

It is often a problem with your tires or brakes that causes your truck to pull to one side rather than keep in a straight line when you are driving.

Once you have checked your tires and brakes it could be that your shock absorbers or control arm is displaying signs of wear and tear.

Get the suspension system checked as soon as possible as your truck could become dangerous if the fault is not identified and corrected quickly.

Is your truck lower on one corner?

It is a good idea to regularly check that your truck is standing level at each corner. If you notice that one corner is lower than the other it could be that you have a worn or broken spring to contend with.

You can often hear a noticeable clunking sound when you drive over a bump when this is the problem. Get your suspension checked by a technician when you see this problem.

Are you feeling every bump?

Your truck’s suspension system should be able to absorb the shock of a road’s undulations and bumps. If you are feeling every bump that is a big clue that you have a problem with your suspension.

Check for any noticeable fluid leak. This could explain the rough handling. If the issue persists, you may have worn struts or shocks. These will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Has steering your truck become harder to do?

If you are struggling to maintain the usual level of control over your truck, particularly at low speeds, this is an indication that either your steering system or suspension is faulty.

It is likely that you may notice your absorbers or struts leaking fluid when there is an issue with your suspension.

Are you experiencing difficulty controlling your truck?

If your struts or shock absorbers have suffered a malfunction you will immediately notice that you are having problems controlling your truck in the usual way.

Driving with damaged struts or shock absorbers is dangerous. Get the system checked urgently.

Always remain vigilant when it comes to checking your vehicle regularly and checking out anything different about its handling. You can always get the truck parts you need quickly from a reliable supplier, so your repair turnaround times should be fine.

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