5 Essential Ford Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

Keeping your truck in perfect condition will lower the overall maintenance cost. Prioritize the small things, and you’ll be less likely to deal with unforeseen circumstances. As the kings of the road, there are a few Ford maintenance tips that work for all models.

1. Tires

You don’t need to kick the tires at ennis ford to recognize the quality of the models on the lot. Every car lot in the world has their own maintenance rules. But the one rule that is the same on every car lot is the importance of good tires. Servicing tires is what many mechanics talk about when discussing preventative maintenance. A good tire is the difference between a safe trip home or completely totaling a truck. Ford trucks have great tire sensors, and the console will make sure the driver knows if there are any problems. But don’t wait for the notification to get tires maintained – stick to a schedule, and always check before long drives.

2. Oil Change

Oil changes are basic, yet one of the most ignored parts of vehicle maintenance. Truck owners are better at it, but there are still plenty of vehicles rolling into the mechanics shop with low oil. Changing the oil also means looking at the filter. If it needs to be swapped out, then you should already have a backup on hand. Oil changes are the cheapest way to maintain a Ford truck and keep up with its monstrous efficiency. A driver that purchased a Ford for its engine should not gamble away that advantage by skipping an oil change.

3. Battery Tests

Without the engine, you don’t have a running truck. Without the battery, you also won’t have a running truck. As modern trucks become more reliant on complex electronic systems. The battery has now become just as important as the engine. Ford truck batteries are strong, and perform their best at up to five years. Weather conditions play a part, but after a bit of aging you should consider changing it out with a new battery.

4. Brakes

Brakes are engaged multiple times a day. On top of the heavy load they carry, anything less than 100% effectiveness means you are putting the entire truck at risk. Drivers should obsess about brake inspections on the same level as oil changes. As the friction on the brakes becomes thin, you’ll notice sudden vibrations, loud sounds or erratic movements. When that happens, it means you are already overdue to get a brake inspection.

5. An Updated Toolbox

Do you have a toolbox for your Ford truck? When is the last time you opened it? There are plenty of truck owners that have never opened the toolbox on their truck, even after multiple years of ownership. Check in on your toolbox and make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be. The last thing you need is to break down in the middle of nowhere and find out that there is nothing useful in the toolbox!

Stay Ahead of Mechanical Issues

No one wants to deal with a truck being out of commission due to negligence. Drivers are in full control, so protecting their Ford is a basic instinct. Even when a new fleet gets introduced, the old Ford’s will still be one of the best to hit the road.

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