5 Cool Car Gadgets You Cannot Do Without on a Road Trip

Are you planning to go for a road trip? Then you need to make a road trip checklist to ensure that the journey is budget friendly yet fun? Take a look at the five cool gadgets that you cannot do without on a road trip.

Scosche’s Charger- The moment you start collecting car gadgets, it is apparent that you will need a charger for charging most of the devices. Here Scosche’s charger can act as a savior because through this charger you can charge two devices simultaneously. Although USB hubs are available with pore ports, this charger will be a good choice as it is budget-friendly and effective. Having a charger on your road trip is a must to get going.

Escort Max 360- When there is an open road ahead of you, you want to increase a little of your speed limit. But unfortunately, this unlawful behavior can result in fines. There is good news because you have a radar detector that will notify you if it detects the use of radar in the vicinity. Escort Max 360 is highly accurate and comes with robust smartphone compatibility and dual antennas which will allow you in networking with the other speedsters nearby.

Handpresso Most of you shudder to begin the day without sipping some coffee. Often the road trip that you head towards to may not have a coffee shop for miles and when you drive you to need some coffee to feel refreshed. Relax; Handpresso is there take care of your needs. It is one of the cool car gadgets that has been specially designed for your car. The coffeemaker will work with espresso pods or grounds of your choice. Just plug it to the port in the car or the cigarette lighter.

Automatic Car Adapter- This gadget will plug into your car’s standard diagnostic port and will allow the device to directly pull the data from the onboard computer of the vehicle. It comes with an array of convenient features that includes a mileage log, vehicle locator and also the ability to notify emergency services following an accident. The best part it works with third-party apps as well like Amazon Echo, Nest, and IFTTT.

Rear Vision- This is a backup camera that will make sure that you do not return home having a dent in your car at least one which you are not responsible for directly. Quick and easy to install it has a small camera fixed into a frame that should be mount over on the rear license plate. It works on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for transferring live footage right to the smartphone which means you will not have to splice anything in the car’s electrical system. This gadget will only work with vehicles manufactured before 1996.

The list of cool car gadgets goes on and on. So decide what you need, read its features and reviews, compare the prices and then make the final bet. All the best and take utmost pleasure of your road trip.

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