5 Most Common Repairs for Ford Fusion’s

The Ford Fusion midsize sedan was introduced in 2006. Versions of this model run on gasoline or are either gas/electric or gas/plug-in electric hybrids. Fusion owners should use an engine code reader to diagnose common problems.

1. Updating the Powertrain and Transmission Control Modules

Fusions with automatic transmissions may shift gears roughly or slowly. A software update for the powertrain and transmission control modules can resolve this problem, which could otherwise lead to the need for a transmission rebuild or valve body replacement.

2. Repairing the Lower Control Arm

The Fusion may make creaking noises while driving over bumps or turning due to welding issues on the lower control arms. Owners can order control arm repair kits and other car parts online. A separator, ball joint and adapter are necessary to complete this repair.

3. Lubricating the Bump Stop

A grinding noise may emanate from the bump stop or jounce bumper. It will be necessary to disassemble the strut buy ambien online india assembly to lubricate this component, and periodic reapplication can prevent noise and part damage.

4. Replacing Lug Nuts

Tight lug nuts may swell and become difficult to remove with a lug nut wrench. Drilling or other extraction methods may be necessary. Install replacement lug nuts with a torque wrench to achieve the proper tightness and prevent damage.

5. Replacing the Axle Shaft and Seal

A worn axle shaft seal may leak transmission oil from the driver’s side of the half shaft area. This problem is caused by the surface finish of the axle shaft. Replace the bushing, shaft, and seal to solve the underlying problem and stop the leak.
These repairs are frequently needed for Ford Fusion sedans. Other issues include variable camshaft timing solenoid failure, automatic transmission issues and power steering fluid leaks. A Fusion owner can fix these problems with parts designed for a specific year model or version.

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