5 Cities to Move to with Interesting Historical Stories

Moving is on everyone’s minds, and many people aren’t sure where they should settle down.  There’s a push to find a location you’re interested in, but many people aren’t sure what cities would spark their interest.

From the city where our nation was born to a city known for ghosts and mystery, the United States is an incredible country with a long and wild history.  These cities have the best parts of it and make amazing places to live.

Jamestown, Virginia

If you want to visit the city from which America was born: it’s time to make your way to Jamestown.  With a population of just under 16,000, this area is the perfect place to find an incredibly lively tourism industry and history that dates back thousands of years, before the first settlers.  

Artifacts from the first European settlers are on display in one of the city’s museums, and there are plenty of interesting historical sites and ruins where you can see the home of the first colony.  In the off-season, when the tourists vanish, this becomes a quiet city that’s comfortable and tight-knit, a fantastic place to live.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is famous for obvious reasons, but living here gives you a chance to deep-dive into that history and learn even more.  From before European settlers lived here, to the dumping of tea in the harbor, to current events: a lot has happened in this city, and the best way to learn it all is to live here.

Butte, Montana

Once the largest city between Chicago and San Francisco, with over 100,000 people in the early 1990s, Butte was known as the Richest Hill on Earth.  Of course, this copper mining town has died down to just over 30,000 as the mining slowed down and then stopped: but it’s an incredible place to live with a rich history.

A lot of the architecture in the downtown district was built in the late 1800s, early 1900s, and you can see the impact the area had on the entire country.  This is an amazing city in the heart of the Rocky Mountains that allows you to get in touch with history.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio was one of the oldest Spanish settlements in Texas and was its largest city for decades.  Before that, it has a history going back thousands of years being land where indigenous people thrived and made their homes.  This is now an incredible city that offers a chance to enjoy beautiful scenery, an artistic population of locals, and a thriving industry.  Those who move here are happy to find that apartments in San Antonio are cheaper than the national average, and it’s a wonderful place for any history buff to live.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has lived many different lives, and there’s no better way to learn that than by living here!  This city has lived so long and had so many major disasters and incredible historical moments that there are ghost stories about nearly every street in New Orleans.  From the fantastic food to the amazing people: this is a must-move-to city!

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