4 Reasons Recycling Your Car is an Investment for the Future

As people become conscious about the environment, more are making an effort to make an impact. Most of them make a conscious effort to dispose of waste properly, from recycling plastics to composting. While the effort may seem small, it plays a positive role in improving the environment.

Another way you can contribute is by recycling an old, unused vehicle. By old, we mean one that doesn’t function well and not a classic car that runs smoothly.

There comes a point in a vehicle’s life when it becomes a liability rather than a blessing. Most people tend to park it in their garage and hold on to it due to sentimental value. However, you can do the earth a favor and recycle it instead.

Take the vehicle to a scrap car yard, and they take care of the rest. The recycling process strips the steel from the car and its parts. The steel is then used in the manufacturing of new car parts, resulting in less energy consumption, water, and air pollution when compared to mining ore. By recycling, you do your part in investing in the earth’s future, and we explain how.

Reduces Wastes in Landfills

Landfills are one of the biggest factors that contribute to pollution. According to the World Bank, nations generate about 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste annually, a majority of which is not handled in an environmentally friendly manner. Totaled and old cars contribute heavily to the solid waste in landfills.

Along with the cars, gas and oil are thrown, which not only leads to pollution but underground fires in landfills. Fires are caused by the methane gas produced by decomposing materials. By recycling, you essentially reduce the car’s waste since only the non-recyclable material is sent to landfills. Thus, contributing to less waste, underground fires, and a slightly cleaner environment.

Recycling Car Parts Reduces Pollution

Tires, batteries, scrap metal, and auto glass can all be recycled. This route also saves the environment from a lot of pollution. For example, batteries are not disposed of properly resulting in the release of lead and sulphuric acid into the environment. Tires are usually burned when disposed of which results in air pollution. The list goes on.

Not only will you reduce pollution, but scrap metal and auto glass are reused. The metal is separated from the non-recyclable parts of the car, melted, and used to create new sheets of steel. Glass is broken down into smaller pieces, melted, and also made anew. So, recycling puts less pressure on the environment to provide for steel and auto glass used in car manufacturing.

It also saves a lot of energy. Recycling scrap metal to make steel reduces energy consumption by 74% compared to making it from iron ore. The impact you have on the environment is multifaceted.

Reduces Steel Mining

Steel mining is a hazard to the environment and also local wildlife. To mine steel, trees are cleared out which affects wildlife habitat. Furthermore, the process can result in leaking pollutants into water contaminating it for consumption by animals. It also leads to land erosion and pollutes soils which have long-term effects on the environment.

By recycling car metal, you reduce the need for steel mining. It may be difficult to eliminate it, but as they say, even the tiniest of efforts make an impact when it comes to the environment. Every car recycled contributes to reducing pollution generated by steel mining and a better environment.

Saves the Planet

Unfortunately, humans have mistreated earth for centuries which has resulted in pollution and climate change. We don’t know how much longer the planet can withstand our treatment of it. Many scientists claim that the planet will eventually be inhabitable by humans due to climate change and pollution.

You want to do your part and contribute to a future for the earth. By recycling your vehicle, you save resources, protect the ecosystem, and conserve energy. Every part of the car that is recycled plays a small role in saving the planet. You may think that your effort is just a drop in the ocean, but it matters.

Final Thought

Don’t let your old car rust away in your garage, get it recycled today. Take it to any local scrap yard and they can strip it of all its recyclable materials. For those that don’t have an old car, you likely know someone who does. Encourage them to recycle it. But don’t bug them too much, leave the decision up to them. Play your part and contribute to a better future for our planet.

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