4 Major Pros and Cons of Japanese Used Cars

Japanese used cars are one the most affordable, reliable, and high resale value cars in the world. They are the strongest in the secondhand market and are preferred for students who need a car for their daily use.

However, buying secondhand cars can be a little risky, because no one knows why such a great car is being sold in the first place. There can be valid reasons, but sometimes people sell trashed secondhand cars just because of the high resale value. Although you will find that out eventually if you know a lot about cars, let’s look at the potential pros and cons of secondhand cars before considering them.

4 Major Pros:

1. High Resale Value

Japanese cars have a lower depreciation rate as compared to their competitors. And if there is a lot of demand in the market for the car in the future, you can sell the used car you bought and earn profit from it to get another car! However, this is only possible if the car is well maintained and good enough to sell.

2. Highly Efficient

Japanese cars are known for their efficiency, and that will not change just because the car is used. Thye are reliable, spacious, comfortable and everything you need in a good car! Additionally, if the exterior is unharmed, it will not even look like a secondhand car.

3. Fast Purchase

If you tend to buy the car directly from the owner, and not the company or agency that deals in used cars, you can get it on the same day you pay, that is after having a look and making your mind. No prior booking or anything must be made.

4. Reliable

Reliability is one of the key reasons people buy Japanese cars, does not matter if it is used. It is still durable, reliable, and perfect for daily use. In used cars, you can drive up to on 300,000 miles average, before you encounter major problems that require repairs.

4 Major Cons:

1. Unknown Problems

You never know why the car is being sold in the first place, can be anything minor or major, but the owner might not tell you the exact truth necessarily, or they might have to lower the price and lose their profit.

2. No Test Drive

If you buy the vehicle from the actual owner, they might let you sit and drive themselves, but letting you test drive yourself is never an option. You can only drive after purchasing, in case you make any internal or external damage to the car.

3. No Warranty

Used cars are not provided with any warranty, let alone Japanese cars. No vehicle, including cars, is ever given a warranty, so that may be an issue you will have to solve on your own!

4. Expensive

Used cars are not usually expensive; however, since Japanese used cars have a higher resale value (as mentioned earlier), it automatically means the price will be close to buying a new car.

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