3 Essential Upgrades For Your 4×4

Off-roading is an unforgettable experience for people who like to hit the dunes. Every experience is something new, something that we haven’t discovered yet. While having fun off-roading we often forget to take care of our vehicle’s health. To enhance our experience off-roading and increase the lifespan of our vehicle, we use off-road accessories to help uplift our 4×4’s overall muscle health (engine, tires and suspensions). With great automobile maintenance, an off-road drive can become even more comfortable if the right kind of products are installed on the 4×4.

In fact, sometimes these equipment’s end up costing us a lot, but we must always consider this as an investment for our ride. After a hectic and long week at work, driving my modded cruiser up to the dunes certainly lifts up my mood. In fact, recently I even installed a snorkel on my Land Cruiser 2007. It helps maintain the engine bay with clean and cool air. The sand and dust particles have caused a lot of issues to my vehicle in the past, and this has cost me a lot in repairs. Having said that, it is important to invest in great quality equipment to keep your 4×4’s engine safe!

Here are a set of 4×4 accessories in Dubai we think are essential for your 4×4:

  • Bull Bars:

Some people call it the frontal grill, it is often the chrome grill that protects the head of your vehicle. Bull bars are designed to protect the headlights, from various small pieces of rocks off-road. Such small rocks / twigs or a brush would seriously damage the exterior of your vehicle by scraping the paint and destroying the headlights. Minor brushes on the vehicle’s body are almost inaudible, but bull bars protect your vehicle from being scraped or destroyed. Also, bull bars are helpful because you can install a winch on your bull bar. A winch is like an essential recovery product which is very helpful off-road. Basically, winches are tools that help your stuck vehicle pull out of that raw, muddy area. Sometimes, you can even use a winch to get rid of huge trees or branches on your path.

  • Suspension lift-kit:

Your suspension springs must be optimised as per your load! Every time you load your vehicle with goods or anything in your trunk, you put pressure on the suspension. Generally, people who drive on-road to commute from home to work and vice versa do not need a suspension modification for many years. Their factory product itself lasts them very long, sometimes even more than 5 years. But off-roaders change their suspension kits pretty often because 4×4’s need to be driven across trails and mud with a lot of load on their backs. Always buy and get your suspension lift-kit installed from reputed workshops, they do a good job, but ask them for at least a year’s warranty on their product

  • Under body protection kit:

Off-road companies manufacture underbody protection kits for various 4×4’s in the market. These kits are designed to fit perfectly and are very durable. Well-designed, strictly oriented and detailed as per the underbody of your vehicle to protect the parts/elements underneath. At the same time, such kits provide great ventilation or airflow and safeguard the vehicle from scraping on rocks or logs. The whole point is to make sure that you have taken all the precautions before going off-road. Damages can heal but they can cost a humongous amount of money to do so.

We have mentioned the most important off-road equipment above. The key is to look after your vehicle so that it looks after you off-road. But apart from such heavy built equipment, one also needs to see well after the sun sets. We strongly recommend 4×4 owners to install spotlights and LED light bars. We don’t know about a particular brand because we have used a few and they all have performed well. The key point is to understand the importance of a wide range of visibility.

As far as LED lights are concerned, side shooters do a great job. The idea is to install alloy lights, these lights appear great on your vehicle too! Overall, the above mentioned equipment is significant to maintain the originality of your 4×4, protect your engine and maintain its capability to be driven on-road for your daily drives. Off-road accessories in dubai is indeed pricey but if considered as an investment.


Author Bio

Sakshi Aswani is the Marketing Director of Ironman 4×4 Middle East. Ironman 4×4 is the leading dealer for 4×4 accessories in Dubai.  We provide 4×4 off-roading equipment installations and custom fabrications for a variety of 4×4’s. At Ironman 4×4 we know what suits best to your 4×4!


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