3 Car Dashboard Cleaning Solution You may Like

Surely you like to have the dashboard of the car just as clean and shiny as the first day. Well, we have to tell you that keeping it as new is not complicated; it can be achieved in a very simple way.

If you clean the dashboard of the car with a microfiber cloth and a prepared solution of water, soap and a trickle of ammonia, you will probably look good. But, if you use special cleaning products for automotive or take the car to laundries where they use, sure you will be great.

One of the parts where dirt and germs accumulate the most is on the car’s dashboard, so it’s best to clean it well

Even if you do not believe it, one of the parts where dirt and germs accumulate the most is on the dashboard cover of the car, especially on the steering wheel . And not all products may be suitable.

It is convenient that before cleaning it we make sure of the materials that make up the dashboard of the car. This is important to know how to choose well. In addition, before applying the cleaning and polishing liquid it is advisable to read the instructions to make sure that we are doing things well and to achieve the expected result.

In 365daysofmotoring.com we have made a selection of three products that work very well in the dashboards of cars and offer a total guarantee. 

They are the following: 3 Types of Car Dashboard Cleaner

1) Non-silicone vinyl polish

It is a surface cleaner and polishes for automotive surfaces. It serves for the dashboards of all types of vehicles and leaves a perfect finish. By not carrying silicone respects all materials in which it is not appropriate to apply this chemical such as rubber, chrome, etc.

It is indicated for sheet and paint shops where silicone products cannot be used.

2) KLESING vinyl treatment

It is a surface brightener cleaner, made especially for the interior of the car and for the automotive industry in general.

It is designed especially for dashboards and vinyl panels, which returns the natural color and accentuates the shine without drying out the materials. To use it, simply spray on a cloth, sponge or cellulose and rub until obtaining the desired shine.

3) Vinyl Protector and Brightener

It is a spray automotive product, designed to clean, shine and care for furniture, objects and interior dashboards

It works by providing an instant shine, in addition to protecting surfaces from future replenishment, since after application a waterproof film is formed against dirt that repels dust.


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