3 of the best mod-cons for your car

You’ve got the hippest motor in your postal code, a revving slice of perfection that goes from nought to 60 quicker than you can say, ‘Jeezo, that’s a fast car.’
It’s sleek, slick, speedy and opulent – but it’s kitted out about as well as your spare room.
And therein lies your problem – a luxury car without mod-cons is about as appealing as a mansion without furniture.
Because let’s face it, that fancy engine and sleek exterior are all excuses to show off how much cash you can splash. How’s the person you’re showing off to going to feel when they hop into your front seat and see that it’s about as appealing as a 12-hour trip on a Megabus?
That’s why we’ve come up with this article showcasing some of the finest l’il extras you can add to your car to for touch of class.
You’re going to love these recommendations – just make sure you don’t max out your credit card buying them.

Car mat

Is there anything more brag-worthy than a car with two carpets? The answer to that question is a resounding no. Purchasing a mat for your car is the kind of thing Daddy Warbucks would do while smoking a finely cut Cuban cigar and discussing the quality of the brandy he’s supping.
But it’s not only a purchase of pure indulgence. If you want the carpeting in your car to enjoy a long life, then a mat is a necessity. It’ll protect your car’s flooring from spills, crumbs and muddy shoes, and it can add a little life to your motor’s interior decor.
For our money, Kleen-Tex is the site to visit. It offers a wide selection of mats from a huge number of wholesalers, so many that you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you and your car.

Phone charger

If you’re using your phone as a GPS while you’re driving, then chances are it’s going to run out of juice pretty fast. The same rules apply if you’re blasting out Spotify or conducting a voice call (remember kids, don’t phone and drive).
Let’s thank our lucky stars, then, that there are a boatload of USB chargers on the market. One of our personal faves is the Box 10W QI Wireless Magnetic Car Charger, in part thanks to its simple design but also because of how easily it mounts onto your dashboard.

Sat Nav

Sat Navs are almost indispensable nowadays, helping us travel from A to B with minimal effort and without pointless diversions. But it’s a crowded marketplace, so which one do you choose?
The classic choice is the TomTom, which offers expert mapping and easy to understand instructions. Prices vary depending on the screen size you want, but any version of the TomTom is excellent. Ensure that you get the latest Q2 maps for Europe and the world for your system before setting off on your road trip,.
That’s our list! What mod-cons do you love in your car? Let us know in the comments below!

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