Upgrading A Racing Car/ Getting The Best Out Of A Racing Car

The goal of a racing car since the very first car race in 1867 to date has always been the maximization of performance. Most manufacturers focus on fuel economy and minimizing the cost of maintenance at the expense of performance.

However, there are several ways through which performance and speed can be given a boost. The question of how to increase horsepower has always been on the mind of racers and here are proven ways. Handling should be given as much attention as that given to performance for the ultimate upgrade.


Experienced racers know one thing for sure that before upping the engine, handling should be sorted out first. Before going off after the mighty horsepower, there are a couple of upgrades to help the racing car handle the greater performance it is about to get.

Sway bars are one of the options to improve the suspension of the car. Sway bars connect the left and right sides of the car’s suspension and thus reduce body roll when negotiating turns. They significantly reduce the cornering load.
A good set of springs like the lowering springs or other available aftermarket springs can help keep the car stable as it hits the road. They should not be too firm or too firm. The shocks are a necessary upgrade as they damp the motion in the springs.

Although tires are not a component of handling as much, they, in the long run, affect handling. An ultimate racing car does need the right size and the right grip of tires for perfect navigation. Upgrading the tires can be a worthy investment in the making of a racing beast.

Braking goes hand in hand with handling, and every racer needs a decent braking system. Especially after upgrading to the larger aftermarket wheels and giving the car a boost, better breaks are critical. A good braking system gives the driver the control over their wheels, and its impact on handling can give a car with lower power an edge over cars with a higher horsepower.

It may be very tempting to go all in when giving a racing car a handling upgrade, but the trick is to start with essentials. Upgrading is a continuous process, and after a couple of races, a driver will realize what they need to make better. It is fundamental to control the spending and save the big bucks for the critical parts.

How To Increase Horsepower

The ultimate upgrade is always in giving the horsepower a boost. The motivation is to get the speed and performance higher to the maximum achievable level that the design can offer. It may somehow compromise gas mileage, but it is worth it. It may often require professional help, but with some knowledge of the engine, just any driver can get it done.

Minimize Weight


The first upgrade to performance is always to get rid of unnecessary clutter. The car needs to be as light as possible and should be stripped of anything that doesn’t make it perform better. It also means the replacement of the heavy metal parts with the lighter carbon parts like the hood. The carbon parts also help in cooling and give the racing car an edge.

Free-Flowing Exhaust

It is possible to boost the horsepower by 5 to 10 by replacing the exhaust system with an aftermarket free flowing one. The increase is higher in supercharged ones. Contrary to popular belief that it will impact on the backpressure, torque, and power negatively, this upgrade will maximize the potential of the racing car.

Test Piping

The test piping system is connected from the car’s catalytic converter to the very end of the exhaust piping resulting in an increase in horsepower. It may cost a couple of extra bucks, and therefore it’s wise for a driver to shop and install by themselves to save money.

Free-Flow Air Filter

Every potential of horsepower needs to be utilized, and therefore even the slight increase in the use of aftermarket free-flowing air filter is welcome. It is a simple upgrade that can be done by anyone as long as it matches the specifications of the model.

Turbocharge and Supercharge Options

The ultimate boost to horsepower is by use of a supercharger for large-block engines or a turbocharger for smaller-block engines. The supercharger options available include the root supercharger, twin screw supercharger, and centrifugal supercharger. Although this method is the most efficient way to get the peak performance, it involves the complete rebuilding of the engine.

Reflashing the Car’s Computer

The other way to get the best out of the racing car is to reflash its computer. Several shops are offering the service and can help one get the horsepower value higher. For turbocharged engines, a programmer can be used to get the car more powerful. The gain is even greater on supercharged vehicles. Another option is the use of a power module in supercharged cars to get the horsepower higher by as much as 30HP. These procedures require the input of a professional as they are not only technical but also void the warranty claims of the car.

Fuel Economy

As much as the performance and the handling are the primary focus, it is always important for the gas mileage to be made as high as possible. Proper inflation is one of the best ways to cut down on fuel consumption, and therefore the tires need to be optimally inflated and checked regularly.

Tuning up the engine once in a while can help reduce the amount of gas utilized. These tuning should be accompanied by checking of the air filter and fuel filters. They determine just how much energy is taken up from a unit of fuel and therefore can help save on it if in good condition. Keeping the weight of the racing car down is also a good way to minimize on fuel costs.


Upgrading the racing car for the ultimate performance in any race including speed final involves both handling and performance. By utilizing a couple of aftermarket replacements, a driver can exhaust the potential of the racing car and achieve an incredible competitive edge.

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