ObdlinkMX vs. Bluedriver: Which is Better

The car maintenance scanner ObdlinkMX vs. Bluedriver, Which is Better? Know the comparison of different scanners. Pick the right one for your car maintenance.

In this high technology world, devices like OBDLinkMX and BlueDriver erase our thinking and give us relaxation. Those two car maintenance tools are used to know the live condition by a mobile application. Hardware and software make the diagnosis report of a car and show it on the device screen.

In very recent days, I have bought an OBD2 scanner for my car. I found it beneficial and effective. So, I aimed to dispense my experience and knowledge with you. By going through this passage, you will know a lot of things about OBDLinkMX and BlueDriver scanner. Both diagnosis scanners have attractive features. It’s difficult to pick the right one among them. If you aimed to know more See ObdlinkMX vs. Bluedriver review from an honest user.

What is OBDLinkMX

OBDLinkMX is a security tool with Bluetooth 3.0. It works with an OBD2 adapter in your car. It takes only three minutes to diagnose your car health detailed report.  It has a real-time monitoring facility that gives you an instant report about your car.  OBDLinkMX uses 128-bit encryption, so your report will be safe. No one can steal your report.  You can simply install it on an OBD2 port in your car and get freeze-time data, on-board monitoring data.

You can update this device for free. It has a lifetime update facility. This scanner is cope-up with 1996 to the newer model car without any hassle.  Among all the Bluetooth car scanners, OBDLinkMX comes with a three-year warranty.


The advantage of the OBDLinkMX scanner is a lot. Below I have enlisted some of the key advantages of it.

  1. It will save your car battery because it doesn’t burn power from the car battery.
  2. For easy use, it has a LED indicator.
  3. Adjustable with all the newer and old vehicles.
  4. OBDLinkMX has customer support.
  5. Application support both in Windows & OS operating systems.
  6. This scanner is designed as a hacker-proof-tool
  7. It has a 90 days money return offer and a 3-year warranty.


  1. Actually, this device has no disadvantages anymore. But sometimes, you may face some limitations with your device.
  2. The application doesn’t support the iOS operating system.You will not find the key-programming facility in this device.

What is BlueDriver

The BluDriver is a powerful automobile scanner. To run this device, all you need to connect it with an OBD2 port and connect it through Bluetooth. This device can deliver your car health report within a short time by computing all of the components. It checks the Engine light, Airbag, ABS, and it doesn’t check the ESP of your car. This BlueDriver scanner gives you the live data in a graph. You will find this scanner more convenient and its support on all the platforms.

BlueDriver scanner can give you free time information. This scanner has a database, and that’s why it can compare your problem with the other vehicles. It’s able to give you the direction to solve your problem.


You will find plenty of advantages of the BlueDriver scanner. People from different countries choose to pick this device mainly for those listed advantages.

  1. The durability of this product is good.
  2. It is so simple to operate and has a small size. For its lightweight, it can carry everywhere.
  3. The application is supported in operating systems like OS, iOS.
  4. It is comparatively cheap in price among all the scanners with great service.
  5. The device is user-friendly and can perform many functions.
  6. The application allows you to convert the report into a PDF file.
  7. Supports OBD2 protocols.


The limitation you will find in this device doesn’t hamper your basic needs.

  1. The application doesn’t support windows.
  2. The Bluetooth connection may slow sometimes.

Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart of those two scanner technical details. By this comparison chart, you will find a piece of vivid information about those devices.

Features BlueDriver OBDLinkMX
Customer Rating4.5/54.2/5
Full OBD2

Test Modes

GPS trackingNoYes
Read and Clear

Enhanced Codes

Identifix Free ReportsYesNo
Emissions ReadinessYesNo
Application Size> 30 MB< 30 MB
Application PriceFreeFree
Update FeeLifetime FreeLifetime Free

Similarities:  ObdlinkMX vs. Bluedriver

The basic function of those two applications is the same. That’s why they have many similarities in their features. Give a  look at the similarities of OBDLinkMX and BlueDriver.

  1. Both devices perform with a wireless connection. Able to cover a wide range.
  2. Those two scanners support android applications, which makes them convenient and reachable by general people.
  3. They can diagnose a wide range of vehicles and can read the error code.
  4. Both scanners allow checking Airbag, Freeze frame data, Retrieve VIN. Those two scanners can’t perform the oil reset.
  5. Both devices can be updatable so you can utilize it for a long period.
  6. Both devices are battery savers. They don’t consume power from the main battery.

Difference: ObdlinkMX vs. Bluedriver

Besides much more similarities, those have differences also. The difference between the two devices may confuse you while purchasing.

  1. The BlueDriver is only supported in iOS and OS devices. While OBDLinkMX is supported in Windows and the Android platform.
  2. BlueDriver doesn’t support any third parties applications. On the other hand, OBDLinkMX can be used in many third parties applications like DeshCommand, Forscan.
  3. The OBDLinkMX scanner has a 3-year warranty. On the other side BlueDrives only allows a warranty for 1-year.
  4. The BlueDriver is much more expensive than the OBDLinkMX scanner.
  5. OBDLinkMX can use diagnostic battery and alternator tests. While BlueDriver is completely unable to perform this kind of test.

ObdlinkMX vs. Bluedriver: Which is Better

Both two devices have advantages and limitations. All those perform a great service in car maintenance. When BluDrive is expensive, then you will find OBDLinkMX with a long time warranty. And when you find OBDLinkMX at a cheap rate, BlueDrive stands out in front of you with great features. It is really confusing to tell which one is better because all those two scanners have a good positive review.

For that reason, I say take your time before picking a perfect scanner. Understand the need and the technical details about your car and scanner. Choose the right scanner within your budget.


A car maintenance tool can save your money a lot. It tells you the real condition of your car.  This small device may be cheap at the rate,, but it’s worth buying if you are conscious of your car. Sometimes it can reduce your car fixing time. Some scanners can tell you the solution process of the problem. If your mechanic knows the problem in a short time, it would n’t take time to fix it.

From My Experience, I found BlueDrive much more attractive than OBDLinkMX. The application is lightweight and it can deliver reports fastly without any error.



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