10 Ways to Protect Your Campervan and Its Contents

The most important thing is that you treat your campervan with respect. Get it serviced when it is needed and take care of it. If you treat your campervan like it is precious, then other people will act in kind. On the other hand, if you go tracking mud into it and gunning your engine on tight corners, then the other people in your presence will treat it with the same amount of disrespect. Here are ten other ways to protect your campervan and its contents.

1 – Install a Vehicle Alarm and Light

Not only should you have an alarm, but you should also have one of those flashing lights that show it is active. Also, do not be afraid to display stickers from the alarm company to show people that you have not cheaped out on your alarm.

2 – Open Your Curtains During the Day

Keeping your curtains closed during the day often makes people curious as to whom owns the van. Keen observers will no-doubt recognise that nobody is watching the van and will probably break into it while assuming the owners are on holiday.

3 – Park it With a Visible Security Camera Watching It

It is not enough to have a camera watching it. You need the camera to be highly visible so that thieves can see it. Actually, if you have two cameras watching it (a dummy one is fine), then this will deter younger robbers who fancy themselves as an extra from a Mission Impossible movie.

4 – Have One or Two Security Lights Pointed at It

Motion-activated lights are harrowing for thieves, especially when they are creeping around and are suddenly exposed for all the world to see. A dark parking spot and a campervan are very enticing to a thief, but motion-activated lights are great deterrents for thieves who are caught in the act.

5 – Actually Improve the Locking System

Most people are unaware that they can have their locking mechanisms improved. You can add extra locks, including better locks on your windows.

6 – Get Good and Comprehensive Insurance

Buy a good-quality insurance from a company like https://www.campervaninsurance.co.uk/and protect yourself against accidents, criminal damage, fires and theft. Sometimes, a good insurance policy is your best protection.

7 – Take All Fire-Safety Precautions

This means fire extinguishers under the sink, fire retardant paint where necessary, good-quality electric devices, correctly installed gas fittings, and a smoke detector. Do not be careless when it comes to fire safety.

8 – Put Valuables in a Cupboard

The hidden TV may seem like an antiquated notion, but there is a reason it worked so well in rentable caravans. Put your TV, DVD players, games consoles, and even your toaster in cupboards until they need to be used.

9 – Proper Maintenance

Poor quality tyres are going to result in damage, just like waiting too long to have your brakes replaced will invariably lead to accidents. Also, do not overload your campervan because it puts a lot of pressure on your brakes, tyres and suspension. It also makes your van less responsive when you are driving.

10 – Make Money with Your Campervan and Save Up

One way to self-insure against damage and theft is to let out your campervan and make money with it. Save the money in a separate account, and then if there is an accident or theft, you use the money you saved to pay for replacements or repairs.

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