10 Quick Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter is not so far now and it is the time for you to get prepared for the issues that might occur during winters such as sleet, snow, heavy ice-covered roads.

Are you planning for any trips on this winter?

QCCollision has come up with 10 quick tips to avoid any car breakdowns like no-starts, frozen doors, and windows, engine freeze-up, and accidents.

Before it’s too late, spend some time to prepare your car for this winter season to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  1. Change the oil and oil filters
  2. Get a tune-up
  3. Check your car brakes
  4. Change the fluids
  5. Check the heater and defroster
  6. Check your battery
  7. Replace the wiper blades
  8. Check your headlights
  9. Check your tires
  10. Make sure your gas tank is full

Bonus tip

Often winters surprise us by some unexpected situations such as sudden hail storm or stranded for few hours that could slide off the icy roads into a secluded area. Do not forget to carry a winter kit while you drive through during winters.

Read the infographic below.

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