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Saturday 6th August 1932

90 years ago

Richard Hollingshead Jr. of Camden, New jersey, US first registered his patent for the drive-in movie theatre. He wanted to create an alternative to ordinary movie houses, where parents could bring the children in their pajamas, avoid baby-sitters, and relax in the comfort of their own car while watching a Friday night film. Hollingshead was awarded the patent in May of the following year, though it was declared invalid in 1950. After the patent was revoked, thousands of drive-ins appeared across the US, reaching a high of 4,063 in 1958. The largest drive-in theatre in patron capacity was the All-Weather Drive-In of Copiague, New York. All-Weather had parking space for 2,500 cars, an indoor 1,200 seat viewing area, kid's playground, a full service restaurant and a shuttle train that took customers from their cars and around the 28-acre theater lot.

First drive-in theater Camden New Jersey, US 1933

First drive-in theater Camden New Jersey, US 1933