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Roads & Motorways

A random selection of interesting facts about the roads and motorways of the world.

Worlds Steepest Road

Baldwin Street is just your average suburban street in New Zealand, only it rises 230 feet over its short 1150 feet distance! Locals challenge the fittest visitors to run it, and they've never met an athlete it couldn't beat!

Most Complicated Motorway Interchange (British)

The most complicated British Motorway interchange is situated at Gravelly Hill north of Birmingham, on the Midland Link Motorway section of the M6. Popularly known as Spaghetti Junction, it has 18 routes on six levels, together with a diverted canal and river. It consists of 26,000 tons of steel, 250,000 tons of concrete and 300,000 tons of earth, and cost £8.2m to construct.

Motorway Language

The development of Britain's motorway system added words such as pile-ups, contraflows, middle-lane hogs and hard shoulder to the English language.

Wales' Only Motorway

The longest, and only, motorway wholly in Wales is the A48(M) at 2 miles.

Longest Three-Digit A-Road in Britain

At 195 miles, running from Ilfracombe to Kilsby, the A361 is the longest 3-digit A-road in Britain